Giant Jenga - Party Game... DealTastic - £14.99 (RRP £49.99 - 70% OFF!)

Giant Jenga - Party Game... DealTastic - £14.99 (RRP £49.99 - 70% OFF!)

Found 14th Jul 2011
Giant Jenga style game - The perfect party game

Summer Garden FUN for Kids & Adults!

This giant Kingfisher version of the popular table top game is fun for all the family. A great party piece at those summer BBQ's, family fun in the garden or just a toy to keep the kids entertained whilst you get some much needed R&R. From 2 ft tall to however high you can get it. Our best is 3ft! Beat that!

Should really include £3.99 shipping to the title.
- Jumpingphil

Unless you use "offerofthedayFREE" for free delivery.
- Jumpingphil
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£50 rrp - lol!!!!!!!!!!!
This is cheaper than all the giant Jenga sets on ebay at the moment. Heat.
over priced! cold
have bought very poor quality

over priced! cold

What are you on about? This is the GIANT garden one, which is normally much more expensive. Actually RRP of £50 is not that outrageous. Anyway, I doubt if you could buy the wood and make it yourself for this price!
Given the normal small Jenga is usually around a tenner, I've ordered this, thanks OP! My kids love the small version, so they'll like this too I'm sure.
Many thanks, I have ordered mine too... looks good!
I've been looking for a quality giant Jenga for some time. This set does not have good reviews - the pieces being mis-shaped and rough. False economy buying a set that frustrates the players. I won't be buying at any price.
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A friend of my mine bought one of these and it is total rubbish. Unplayable due to blocks of different sizes and not planed smooth. Please listen guys, this is very cold.

Unplayable due to blocks of different sizes and not planed smooth.

Surely that makes it more of a challenge! Well, I've ordered now, so I guess I'll have to wait and see if it's as dire as you suggest.
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