Giant Rincon Hardtail Mountain Bike £210 WELL WORTH IT!

Giant Rincon Hardtail Mountain Bike £210 WELL WORTH IT!

Found 23rd May 2008
Giant make really great bikes and this is no exception, forget about buying an all disc duel suspension bike for £100 because you're just wasting your money. Giant bikes have a great world wide reputation and this one really is a bargain, not many left so be quick.
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I`ll 2nd that Giant bikes are real excellence in their build & quality. Well worth for the price.
Not sure if this is such a hot deal.......

Only have 21" and 23" left in stock. i bought an XTC SX for about £700 a couple of years back and that was a 19" which fits me fine!!!

Keeping in mind that I am 6 foot tall, not sure if this would be good for me. I know some people like the longer reach you get on a bigger frame, but for me this is just an average price.

The other thing worth mentioning, is that it is last seasons model, so you would expect to see it discounted. If it was under £200, it would be hot for me
Doesn't look that big to me...........

Is this the best mountain bike for £200??
I don't know much about mountain bikes, but I do know that I'm fed up of my uber-cheap 'full suspension' bike because it's ridiculously heavy and blatantly a waste of energy when pedaling.

So what makes this bike better than the 9 cheaper hardtail bikes listed on Wiggle?

I'd prefer to spend as little as possible (I just want a lightweight bike I can ride to work, and once in a blue moon take on a dusty track)...
Just found it even cheaper here…849
To answer the previous post what makes this about the best bike value for money imo is the quality you get from buying a well known brand, I've had a couple of Giants before and they really are very good value for money.
Think of it a bit like buying a Sony or a supermarket brand....
Just to finish, ashcycles also have the trail version of the rincon at £234:99 which is amazing!
These are £200 now!
£187.50 ]here!

£187.50 ]here!

Not now
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