Giant toblerone 4.5kg! £49.99 @ the range

Giant toblerone 4.5kg! £49.99 @ the range

Found 24th Oct 2013
be gentle but this was in the range today....cheapest other price is £63! thought someone that loves these may want to be crazy enough to buy one lol
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Ooh love these but wouldn't pay that much for one
Yeah, as much as I'd love a 4.5kg Toblerone, considering the 400g bars were £2 a couple of weeks back in Tesco, this is terrible, awful value.
haha i know but id never seen one that big
£5 a kilo has always been the sweet spot for chocolate (including Toblerone when on offer). No point in having a perishable novelty item (in my opinion).

It's crazy this product even exists in the first place though...
Wouldn't it be hard to eat, how;d you get your teeth in a giant triangle? Pretty cool novelty but a lot of money
As a massive toblerone lover (haha!) I think they are brilliant, although I thought that Selfridges exclusively owned the sales rights to them??

Not sure how they can claim exclusive rights when clearly it's not, or how they can justify £90 for it but I'm voting hot for two reasons, much cheaper than Selfridges, and I remember Woolworths selling these when I was younger (approx. 18 years ago), these were £45 back then so even beats inflation

Also, I like my toblerone refrigerated, I would love to see how one would tackle one of these under the same circumstances, maybe worth skipping the Christmas crackers, table games/gifts for the fun factor
think you would need to buy one of these too....$(KGrHqV,!iUFDJdPoUYQBQ9lBdFS5!~~60_35.JPG
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haha i know but id never seen one that big

No comment! (_;)

haha i know but id never seen one that big

That's what she said.

Had too.
haha thats why i said it
OMG, it's huge!
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Quality V Quantity

Chocopologie by Knipschildt, which was founded in 1999 by Fritz Knipschildt, sells the world's most expensive chocolate, a hand made chocolate with 70 percent Valrhona cocoa powder rolled over French Black truffle for a chocolaty $250.00 each or $2,600.00/pound.
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Quality V Quantity

I get these every Sunday morning.....they don't smell that good and I bet they don't taste that good either....then I flush oO
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