Giddy Chocolate Bars 250g - £1 Poundland

Giddy Chocolate Bars 250g - £1 Poundland

Found 9th Jan 2016
Was in town yesterday and found Poundland was selling huge bars of chocolate.

I've never heard of the brand "Giddy" but the bars are huge.

Labelled "Giddy Block Buster - Chocolate Bar"

250g in two varieties, the first one has tiny smarties inside and the other has like cereal bits inside which is probably like a crunch bar but haven't opened it yet.

I tried the smarties one last night and it actually tastes like dairy milk chocolate and smarties. Will be going back Monday to buy more because for 250g of chocolate this nice it's a absolute bargain.

Can't post a pic because my phone camera is rubbish.
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Saw these but wasn't sure will try

Saw these but wasn't sure will try

I felt the same, wasn't sure they would be any good but decided to give them a try and I'm glad I did. Seriously you should give them a go
The co-op food have giddy milk chocolate bar 100g at 33p I have had it is OK for the price
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Hmm I think that they are go horrible. Tastes just like a plain cheap chocolate
Made in poland
I've seen a few E.Wedel chocolate bars come and go from Poundland - not sure if it's the same manufacturer.

One I do like (and I'm quite fussy with chocolate, I won't tolerate chocolate flavoured-chocolate!) is WW. Similar to a Kit-Kat and the bar is HUGE.

[image missing]

I felt i needed something sweet so popped by my local newsagents, alas closed, so i popped into the small co-op instead
and found a 100g bar of Giddy milk chocolate 33p ' you pays your money and takes a chance' I've never heard of the brand or heard of the firm (from Reading) before , is it nice? it's ok as chocolate goes , would i buy it again - if i was
desperate and did not have a lot of cash on me, then maybe.
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