Gift Republic: Grow It. Grow Your Own Chilli Plants £6.99 (save 46%) @ Amazon

Gift Republic: Grow It. Grow Your Own Chilli Plants £6.99 (save 46%) @ Amazon

Found 2nd Dec 2010
This would make a hot Xmas gift lol

# A packet of Demon Red chilli seeds
# A packet of Hungarian Hot Wax chilli seeds
# A packet of Jalapeño chilli seeds
# A packet of Anaheim chilli seeds
# 5 starter growing pots made from coconut husk
# 5 natural coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered
# 5 wooden plant markers
# Chilli plant-growing tips


This seems like a good deal, I dont know why people are voting cold. Its a good kit.

Which are the hottest?

I think the demon red were the hottest. I have this kit but both my attempts to grow Anaheim did not work at all, the demon red started to grow but died when I went on holiday.

Think I need some babybio or something to give them a kick start.

I had this set last year and they didn't sprout. Better off putting some compost or dirt in a nice pot and getting some seeds from B and Q, etc or from hereYour text here. They are generally easy to grow on a windowsil and are very decorative.
Unless you are a thrill seeker avoid the nagas. You are better off growing a finger variety, such as the birdseye Your text here

Have these chillies growing in my kitchen.

I think you've missed the Tabasco chillies off the list. 5 pots and 5 different chillies. In this pack Tabasco are the hottest on the scoville scale.

The husk pots are good to get them growing but they soon need repotting.

My plants have been growing since about April and I have 1 enormous red hungarian hot plus loads of small demon reds.

Been growing chillies for a few years, but this year I'd moved and have no greenhouse so was a bit harder. The chillies like the scotch bonnet or habanaros take a long time to get going, whereas the smaller ones usually produce fruit a lot earlier. I really like the twilights, fairly spindly plants with lots of small upwards pointing peppers. They start purple then go yellow, through orange to red. Taste great and look the part on a patio too.
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