Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box £8.45 instead of £19.99 @ Amazon
Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box £8.45 instead of £19.99 @ Amazon

Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box £8.45 instead of £19.99 @ Amazon

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£8.45 instead of £19.99

Technical Details

* An out of this world gift
* Locate your star on the wall map
* Includes easy-to-follow star naming instructions
* Register online or by post
* After registration receive your star name certificate


Original Poster

yeh I'd have to agree with you groutch. But its the best price ive ever seen it at

Thing is, the name in question will only be recognized by the (surprise) handful of people involved in it (including the company which is obviously cashing in on it).

Since the name would not be recognized by the International Astronomical Union, no astronomer or scientist will start calling "your star" by your chosen name from now on, say, if some important event took place in the said star (new planet discovered, supernova, etc.)

As an analogy, it's the same as if you decide to name your local high street after yourself: only you and probably a handful of close relations might acknowledge it but the main responsible organization, ie, your local council, will still know it as The High Street and so will everyone else when referring to it.

Sorry, but by not being recognized by the IAU, this is as good as nothing! Hence me reducing its temperature.

If you doubt it, this Amazon review is a good starting point.

Original Poster

imo the opinion the product isnt great however there are plenty of people who buy these gifts.
The temperature and heat buttons are not there for you to vote on whether you like the product or not, their function is for voting on the price.
If anyone can find this product cheaper then by all means feel free to vote cold

Cheap for a present to be given to anyone stupid enough to want one. Not voting.

Up there with the ridiculousness of owning acres of the moon...
"Look! I own a piece of the MOON!"...."No you don't....moron...."
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