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1 Month FREE SIM + £10 Gift Card with SMARTY Small Plan £7.50 minimum term of 90 days Giftcloud
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
You can get one month free SIM as well as £10 Amazon voucher with SMARTY Mobile. No contract No credit check

Like Vodafone’s Voxi & o2’s Giff Gaff it’s a direct sister owned company of Three. No doubt they will be around.


They have been around for a long time. Got a sim from them for my wife 3 months ago, no issues so far.


What's minimum cost for 90days qualifying service? £22.50 or some other permutation? Thanks.


Look like 90day minimum term prior to gift card being issued: If you cancel or stop using your SMARTY SIM-only plan or do not activate your SMARTY SIM card within 90 days of making a Qualifying Purchase you will not be eligible to receive a Gift Card. If you fail to pay any monthly bill in full within 90 days of making a Qualifying Purchase, you will not be eligible to receive a Gift Card.


Good deal if they’re still around in two months time


Haha and me (excited)


I've not seen that one before . I'm also a sarcastic beach :D



Stick with sky buddy, if you can get sky for <£40 same package, you’re in business. Negotiate hard, start the contract termination process and take it to the last minute. They’ll fold if they think you’re serious and you have a reasonable price in mind


I've just escaped my contract after 5months of carp service. We were paying for fibre plus but lucky to get 20mbps and it dropped out all the time. We had an open complaint for 50 days without resolution. I lost count of the number of engineers that came out to try and fix it. It was a nightmare, so was finally able to leave without fees for breaking contract.

2GB 4G Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 30 Days - £10 Amazon Voucher @ Smarty Mobile / Broadband Choices
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
2GB 4G Data (Monthly discount on unused data) Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts 30 Days Voucher £10 Amazon Voucher £7.50 Month Frequently asked questions Check our 3… Read more
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You can change your plan online after logging into your smarty account and you'll have to do it before the renewal date not on the renewal date


I have a referral for a free month but I have to pay for the first month. The second month is free. I am thinking of taking a small £7.50 plan for the first month and then change to a large plan for the second month, when it is free. Anyone know how to change plan? Do I have to do it before the first month ends or does it have to be done at renewal?


Moved over to Smarty from Giffgaff a few months ago and so far so good! Don’t use data so costs £5 a month unlimited texts and calls which is great imo. Good signal in my area although drops out in a few supermarkets for some reason.


Good spot, my Mrs been on this past few months, no probs with service, and she dont use data so only pays £5 a month.. I guess the voucher is just for new customers

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Ends TODAY! - Vodafone SIMO - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 20GB 4G £20 per month (12mo contract) PLUS £110 Voucher (40GB for £25 also available) via Giftcloud
Refreshed 19th AugRefreshed 19th Aug
Pretty tasty offer for a sim only via Giftcloud. Get Unlimited Minutes + Texts, plus 20GB of 4G data per month for £20, on a 12 month contract. Follow the get deal link, and you'… Read more

How did they work that one out ? Had the sim been dormant for a few days? Did u ask about the voucher or did they just email you


Bad customer service.


I thought this deal came with the entertainment package but Vodafone says no....


my wife did this on the last day but only just got phone unlocked and Giftcloud saying: Unfortunately, this purchase hasn't successfully registered for the gift card. I'm very sorry about this. Kind regards, Giftcloud (mad)


Shocking, what happened to brand loyalty.

Vodafone 12m unlimiteds & 18GB £19pm + £75 Amazon giftcard @ Giftcloud (total cost £228)
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
£19 x 12: £228 - £75 = £153/£12.75pm This is the 2GB plan on offer with 9 times more data

Was quite interested but seems to have finished


I had a Vodafone contract for years up until recently and never had a problem with their customer service. Always easy to get through and helpful staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if the right deal popped up.


they are now days much better


One off claim and Amazon credit, no fussing about and always go for Amazon sale days, it’s convenient rather than multiple claims, simplicity basically. E2Save also being CarPhone also puts people off, like me - scam artists 15+ years ago and I’ve never gave them more than a payg/30 day sim sale since, they’ll be earning no great commissions off me again as a customer.


This is £12 per month on e2sage, has been poster on ukhd loads. This seems worse.

Huawei P20 Pro £110 upfront 24-Month Vodafone Contract (£23/pm) Unlimited Mins/Texts and 4GB Data With Free Delivery ( PLUS £25 Giftcard via Giftcloud
Refreshed 6th JulRefreshed 6th Jul
Been looking for a large screen phone to replace my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - which sadly finally cracked after being dropped around 500 times since owning it. I'm not very knowledgeable a… Read more
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For some reason credit check declined when I signed up for this. Excellent credit rating and I only left Vofa a year ago after being with them for a good 7 years where I never missed a payment. Ah well... Saves me money if they don't want to take it (lol)


About two weeks ago I got unlimited calls texts and data no upfront cost on ee for £33. I told them I was going to leave as an existing customer the deals are not as good. I then used my blue light card which enabled another 20per cent off. Worth talking with your existing company and threating to leave maybe


Great deal (y) 🏻 but I just didn't like mine. Perhaps I got a dud, but thought the camera was soft (front & back lenses) and slow to focus - not the 'amazing' camera I'd been expecting from reviews. Ended up sending back and getting the S9+ which I'm thrilled with.


I have used iPhone, Samsung and Xperia.. This seems to be the best one compare to all the other. Only my opinion though. Everything you said seems to contradict with my experience with P20 Pro..


Sold it now. I just simply did not like it one little bit and the 3 to 4 minutes of it starting from after it being switched on was infuriating. Hey ho. Each to their own. Good luck with yours tho

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Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Unlimited Fast Broadband Unlimited usage with average download speeds of 11Mb 12 Month Contract No Activation fee £50 Amazon Gift Card £17 Month £204 for 12 Month Including £50 A… Read more
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Bad bad deal




Why is this cold? I'm not sure I've seen unlimited broadband (+phone line) at less then £13/month. Heat from me. Many households don't currently need the extra expense of fibre, so this seems like an excellent deal for them. A non-fibre broadband package like this will be fine provided you're not 4k streaming, uploading gigabytes of data to the cloud, or online gaming. It will easily cope with a couple of simultaneous HD streaming sessions (e.g. iPlayer or nowTV) plus a few browsing sessions at the same time.

7fink7 is real (poo) (party)


sa same here! (annoyed)

20GB 4G Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 12 Month Sim - £100 Amazon Gift Card - £240 for 12 Month @ Vodafone
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
20GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts 12 Month Sim £100 Amazon E-Voucher £20 Month (£240 for 12 Month) £11.67 Month with Amazon E-Voucher (£140 for 12… Read more

Anyone got the link to claim the £100? I haven't had mine.


no longer available?


TCB down to £35 now


Ha ha Vodafone are useless.... they promised me £50 I think it was if I stayed with them but it took 4 times of me ringing to get it applied to my account. I made a directors complaint and the chap I spoke to said well 1 in 4 people do as they should so that’s quite good odds!! Not the fact he was sorry and every time I rang it should of been done. Useless company but great offer :)


Hot for price, but Vodafone is the pits

Vodafone Basics with Amazon £30 Gift Card - Unlimited Calls & Text - 1GB Data £8 Month (£96 for 12 Month) or 3GB Data £10 Month (£120 for 12 Month) - 12 Month Sim Only @ Giftcloud
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Vodafone Basics Amazon £30 Gift Card Unlimited Calls & Text 1GB OR 3GB 4G Data 12 Month Sim £8 Month (£96 for 12 month) Including £30 gift card = £5.50… Read more
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Can you post a link please 8)


Data is capped on this plan


hi, can this be capped please for my daughter? (data capped/08 capped)


They are not allowed to block the following numbers and they are part of unlimited minutes. These numbers comes as standard with all networks even with the most basic plans. You were given incorrect information by the agent Can't help you anymore click on the link below for more information. The link may not give you the full information so you'll have to look into it more yourself 080 numbers 03 numbers


No, does not include. Spoke with Vodafone to confirm.

Vodafone broadband £21 month with £50 Amazon gift card equates £18.22 a month at
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Vodafone broadband. From £21 month including landline. Use the link and get £50 Amazon gift card. Unfortunately you have to wait for 4 months. I have signed up to the 76mpbs serv… Read more

You might want to try posting on the TalkTalk forum, sometimes they seem a bit more helpful than phone support. I currently have a fault on my line but I'm with Sky, all they've done so far is make it worse (cheeky)


Beware of the DSLAM (digital subscriber line access multiplexer) if your line isn't 100% - it'll keep cutting your speed. I'm in this position - and neither TalkTalk or Openreach can fix the problem. A provider can't reset your line, so it has to be referred to Openreach - they reset it and claim it's working - then the software kicks in and knocks the speed down progressively every day or two. My speed starts at 25 and progressively goes down to 7. I've almost given up trying to get them to fix it again - because I end up spending hours on the phone to a south African call centre, who go through menu scripted fault finding every time!


Practically zero usability and same for customer support. Odd how it worked fine til after the Cooling off period. Only option is to pay out the remainder of contract. Best part of £400 for nothing....which I currently receive anyway. Avoid!


I may cancel as I'm still in 30 day period


I have Vodafone and my recent speed test showed 30mb download and 6 MB upload spread, I opted for the cheapest of the two packages they offer. The router is terrible though, keeps rebooting or just dropping signal

Talk talk up  to 38mb fibre broadband deal - £25 per month with £70 egift (essentially £19.17) @ talk talk with giftcloud
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Get a £70 amazon, pizza express, tesco or debenhams gift card from gift cloud when you sign up to this fibre deal. £25 per month essentially for £19.17 38mb fibre broadband, with … Read more

I realise that mate. I was quoting you. But if it makes you feel better.


It's 'any other companies' mate. If we're speaking the Queens.


This deal isn't for 'no other companies' though.


Thankfully I don't think i've ever received anything from them after leaving.


I remember when they used to refuse to deal with any internet complaint because it was a 'free' part of your phoneline deal, and under legislation if an item was given to you for free there was no expectation nor requirement of upkeep or maintenance of it; this was of course after they swindled you into a 18 month contract for both line and internet rental. Nice little con they had going for a while, lovely people!

CHEAPEST ADSL AROUND! TalkTalk -  Total cost £154. Only £17 per month - NO SET UP. + £50 Amazon vch at Giftcloud
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Available until Thu 22 Feb , this ADSL unlimited broadband and line rent deal is open to new and existing customers signing up to a 12-month contract. The deal's available to 9… Read more
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Faster upload speed and no traffic shaping


Log a full complaint - of everything -against BT Openreach not finding the fault with BT Chief Exec Office - BT own the wires and Openreach run it on BT behalf.


It’s £10 off - it doesn’t say it excludes current offersLOL give cancellation and they email it


After years of no trouble with TalkTalk I entered into a 2 year contract - and for the past year I've been trying to sort out a line problem. Every time it rains heavily the speed drops to almost nil, sometimes unusable as it drops out over and over again. They say no problems at their end - BT Openreach say they can't find a fault on the line, even though there is continual noise on the line after rain. You just go round in circles - they bang on about master socket, filters, antivirus software - anything but actually solve the problem. It's as if nobody really wants to find the fault - one engineer told me there was a fault somewhere, but he couldn't say where from his tests - only recommendation was to pay for a new phone number, which hopefully would mean signal came on a different piece of wire - and may solve it!


Do you mind sharing the link for the £10 off current £20 Broadband deal for new customers? I need to find a good deal as my contract expires 20 March.

Voxi plans have free music and video passes normally £14 together. cheapest plan £10 but get free passes for streaming - for Under 25s. Also get free £10 amazon from Giftcloud
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Just choose how much data you need for everything else £10 2GB £15 5GB £20 15GB Endless social data + 2, 5, 10GBfor everything else Endless calls Endless texts End… Read more

Just need to use someone's referral code to get £10 Amazon voucher each. Cut out the middle man.



Virtually FREE Voda PAYG SIM - 5GB £10 | free £10 Amazon vch  @ GiftCloud
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
If you're new to Vodafone you can get a a £10 Big Value Bundle SIM through this link and receive a £10 Amazon voucher until 11.59pm on Wed 28 Feb. The £10 Big Value Bundle usuall… Read more
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Yep, but its PAYG, so no commitment to stay after the first month


Hi there do you only get this data for one month?


VodaFlob... I'd rather not


You're obviously one of the more 'clued up' consumers around here (lol)


So you have to spend 10 quid to get your free 10 quid.

£35 gift card for Currys, M&S, PizzaExpress, HofF if you buy a SIM card from Carphone Warehouse via giftcloud
Found 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
Worth using this if you're going to pick up a SIM card from Carphone Warehouse - basically money for nothing. £35 gift card to Marks and Spencer, Currys/PC World, House of Fraser o… Read more

Result. Registered user with CPW but bought an O2 PAYE £10 SIM card and today offered my choice of Gift Cards....completely forgotten about this offer as my Sim wasn’t in the criteria but got my gift card


Yes there is for any SIM only contract you take out.


Yes exactly..


yes, there's that aspect i suppose - i guess that one comes down to whether or not that bothers you enough that you want to save £17 quid on a gift card


Yeah seems fair but someone mentioned of having credit check and impact in credit score ?

3 months free on selected annual SSE boiler cover packages PLUS receive a £50 Gift Card @ SSE (e.g. £12.40pm for 9 months = £111.60 for the year before gift-card)
Found 17th May 2017Found 17th May 2017
Decent little offer this if you are looking for boiler cover. :3 You can get 3 months free on selected annual boiler cover packages, as well as receive a £50 giftcard! Examp… Read more

I need an annual service, any good?


Nice one! Looking to switch supplier so might be using this ;)


crap service as well


£50 call out charge, so you'll pay that giftcard back (_;)

Receive a £5 Gift Card when you sign up to 1 month trial of Which? for £1.00
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
Choose from M&S, Argos, Amazon or John Lewis. Terms and Conditions Receive a £5 eGift when you sign up to 1 month trial of Which? for £1. This offer is not available for pu… Read more

£10.75 a month!! I always thought Which was £1 a year! And still never did it as I wasn't sure it was worth the effort of signing up etc. X)


Your local library - if you still have one!!! Will allow free access to current and historical issues of Which? magazine.



Wont let me change the link


15% off Zalando digital Gift Cards - £25 code for £21.25 / £50 code for £42.50 / £100 code for £85.00 @ Giftcloud
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Get 15% Off these Zalando digital gift cards with code: FASHION15 which will mean a £25 code will cost you £21.25, £50 code for £42.50 and a £100 code for £85.00

Yes, it ended 28th Dec


Promotion must have ended


Hi, can you point me in the direction of the £10 cashback? I cant see anything on their site?


just to add, you don't have to purchase in increments of £25, £50 or £100. If you click "other" it gives you an option to scroll and choose a specific amount of your choice. So if you spend exactly £60 and then use the £15 off code the total will come down to £45. You then purchase a gift code of £45 for £38.25 so £60 worth of items for £38.25.


Always had perfect service from zalando. Just popped £ 200 credit onto my account via this deal and you can still use discount vouchers : )

free £50 amazon voucher with sim only plan @ Vodafone via giftcloud
Found 15th Feb 2016Found 15th Feb 2016
free £50 amazon voucher with sim only plan on Vodafone (direct) via giftcloud would be great to go with the £20 sim only Vodafone deal that's gone red hot recently
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It has been four months, anybody managed to get their voucher yet?




Sounds like a good deal, to me. I have little choice of network as 3 is terrible so is o2. ee is patchy at best and I get no signal in the house. So Vodafone it is, like it or not!


No. Far from it. Apart from the funny sp mistake, and the erroneous belief that we exercise full freedom (e.g. I can't ask the mods for your personal details or play cricket in regent street or even allow my horse to foul himself wherever he pleases). Clarification would've been a specific reason as to why the deal went cold such as 'Vodafone have a tendency to not honour these deals' or 'O2 have just released the same package for a fiver'. I know people react differently to the 'why cold' or 'don't vote cold' requests from posters (but not the similar plea 'I'm new, don't bite' for some reason), but I very often see the HUKD phenomenon where a good deal does start life of with a few cold votes and inexplicably goes to ~-20º before getting some serious heat. This has been observed by a number of people and it's very annoying because there's never any explanation in the comments - and often when you've posted a really good deal (or spotted it as a user), you'd like to know why people consider it cold - because if there's a much better alternative, a catch or a issue with this deal, it makes sense to be informed before committing.


I genuinely feel embarrassed by how bad my spelling is! great comeback

Unlimited Mins, Texts & 4GB 4G Data + £60 Amazon Voucher & 6 Months of Spotify/Netflix £19.80 pm @ Giftcloud
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Until 1st Feb newbies to Vodafone* via the above link can pay £19.80/mth fixed for a year for this corking Sim deal. Factoring in all the freebies it's by far the best around. 6 … Read more

cracking.only good thing about Vodafone is their speed in my area . 8)


its 6 months of one of them services so spotify probably offers the best deal here as that's the most expensive service breaking it down £60 spotify £60 Amazon £117 for the 12 months phone contract which for 4 gig and all them minutes is not bad at all. Cheapest deal i could find that gives you 4 gig of data is ID mobile at £15 a month thats £180 for the year and dosent offer unlimited minutes an unlimited minutes deal takes it back up to £20 a month.


Exactly, and you don't have to search hard to find out just how bad they are. I vote cold every time I see Vodafone being advertised, because I genuinely don't want anyone to have to put up with the way the company treats many many many of its customers.


I haven't had too much to complain about Vodafone except one bad instance of customer service where the foreign call centre guy could not understand what I was asking, moved about a bit with other phone providers and to be honest the customer services are all about the same


I'd rather have no network then avoidafone.Anyone still with them are mad.