Gifted Film Preview 13/06/17

Gifted Film Preview 13/06/17

Found 6th Jun 2017…435

Here are some tickets to Gifted for Tuesday 13th June (13/06/17) at 18:30, (19:00 for last four Cinemas) it is however being sponsored by Heat magaize and says you need a copy to get into the film, however I've heard people say that they have been let in without, or let in when every one else has been let in, so it's up to you, but I think a Heat magazine is only £2ish so still a lot cheaper than a cinema ticket!!!!

Here are the locations:

Birmingham Broadway Plaza , Odeon
Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, Odeon
Edinburgh Omni, Vue
Finchley Road, Vue
Glasgow Braehead, Odeon
Greenwich, Odeon
Kingston upon Thames, Odeon
Leeds Light, Vue
Liverpool ONE, Odeon
Manchester Trafford Centre, Odeon
Newcastle MetroCentre, Odeon
Norwich, Odeon
Portsmouth, Vue
Reading, Vue
Wimbledon, Odeon
Bristol Cinema De Lux, Showcase
Derby Cinema De Lux, Showcase
Leicester Cinema De Lux, Showcase
Southampton Cinema De Lux, Showcase

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Fantastic film.

really good film,what a beautiful and talented little girl.
Good movie, Mckenna Grace is really good in it, Chris Evans solid as well. I do recommend Injustice (Puncture was original title) with Evans from 2011 which is based on a true story...
Thanks. Head added

Got to move this to freebies section.

Fantastic film. Enjoy!

Thanks sweet, I had to return mine for sun morning, so am well pleased to get another chance to see this. Thanks for recommendation, will be looking forward to it now!
Thanks op, heat added, and re heat, no, I've never been asked for the mag it's all good

Thanks. Head addedGot to move this to freebies section.

I Put it here because all the other codes for this film is in this section, plus the heat magazine business....

Enjoy the film!!!
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Thanks op
Good film one thing was weird though the tension between mother and son!
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