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Free entry to Race for life with Tesco and Cancer Research UK
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Free entry to Race for life with Tesco and Cancer Research UK
The voucher code TESCC20 will give you free entry to your local race for life. Terms below.

Does it work for all as it says only valid to be used once. My daughter wants to do this race x


Cold. "This voucher has already been redeemed" Shame really because my partner and I would have donated the £30 fees as well.


The voucher says it has already been redeemed and isnt working?!


one day we'll find the cure :S


Good share thanks

Free Race For Life Entry - Cancer Research with Tesco
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Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Free Race For Life Entry - Cancer Research with Tesco
Don't miss out on one of our 15,000 free Race for Life places Time flies when you're... doing something amazing. Like taking part in Race for Life and helping to beat cancer. We … Read more

Code doesn’t work anymore?


It's been open for men the last few years.


assume this is open for man too?


Does the code still work?


Because you would miss out on the fantastic atmosphere of everyone coming together for a very worthy cause. It's quite humbling reading all the messages of people in the race.

Stand up to Cancer Bake Off Merchandise Reduced - now from £4.99 (plus £3.95 delivery)
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
Stand up to Cancer Bake Off Merchandise Reduced - now from £4.99 (plus £3.95 delivery)
Some decent reductions on the Stand up to Cancer Bake Off merchandise which is designed by Ted Baker. Could make some good Christmas presents! Star Baker Apron £4.99 Star Baker Do… Read more

Ordered ... Thanks (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼


Ordered thank you op x


Bet those celebs who won an apron are ticked off that anyone can get one for a fiver now.


Thanks ordered few bits x

Free Race For Life Entry - Cancer Research  with Tesco
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Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
Don't miss out on one of our 15,000 free Race for Life places Find out more Time flies when you're... doing something amazing. Like taking part in Race for Life and helping to … Read more

Ive been told the money to sign up doesn't go to charity, that money goes towards organising the event, it is the money that we make in sponsors that go to the charity itself, so using this deal doesn't take away from the charity. It's a good deal and will encourage more people to sign up, I'm already signed up with my works and have done before, it's a fun day and you get a medal and last time a small goody bag when you finish.


Thank you :) registered both kids


Great. I unofficially took part with my relatives and friends as a man 5 years ago, I figured it's for charity and no one should stop me from doing so & I was right. There were only 2 other males took part while I was there, more would if they knew they can.


Awesome deal for an even more awesome cause. Thanks OP and good luck to all participating


Thanks op worked for me and entered and ready to get fundraising! Lets do this! :)

Stand Up To Cancer  STAR BAKER APRON BY TED BAKER £12.99
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Refreshed 13th Mar 2019Refreshed 13th Mar 2019
Whether you’re rustling up a signature, technical or showstopper, look the part in the kitchen with your very own Star Baker Apron designed by Ted Baker. With this item, you’ll de… Read more
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Was going to buy one until I saw this: "To make our fundraising efforts targeted and effective and understand how much you may be able to give, we may research you using publicly available sources." "We may try to obtain up-to-date contact details for you using external sources if you move house, so that we can stay in touch."


Do you get a free hug as well


Great bought as a Mother’s Day present!


from there website : Net profits from the sale of items in our Stand Up To Cancer UK shop will be administered by Cancer Research UK in support of the UK Stand Up To Cancer campaign and awarded as grants to fund collaborative cancer research that will benefit patients in the UK.


Does any of the profit go to charity, do you know? Tried to find out on their website but couldn't see anything.

Free Race for Life event kit for schools
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Posted 28th Jan 2019Posted 28th Jan 2019
Free Race for Life event kit for schools
Free Race for life event kit for schools I’m sure other groups like brownies, Cubs, and so on could also make use of these as well as schools Once you’ve signed up, you’ll ge… Read more
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Cancer Research UK Winter Sale.
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Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
Cancer Research UK Winter Sale.
Not for everyone I’m sure, but it’s a worthy cause. I don’t know many families that haven’t been touched by Cancer. Lots of nice Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gifts etc. Purch… Read more

Highly unlikely they were only recruiting mice... I made my original comment to help inform people so they can make their own minds up.


My cat volunteered but the guys at the lab were only recruiting white mice


Curious if you would allow animal testing on your own pet.


Curious if you would avoid cancer treatment that had been discovered from animal testing.


looks good, cheers

Burts bees lip balm two for £1.00 instore Cancer Research Isle of Sheppey
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Posted 8th Oct 2018Posted 8th Oct 2018LocalLocal
Burts bees lip balm two for £1.00 instore Cancer Research Isle of Sheppey
All different flavours of burts bees lip balms 2 for £1.00. Local~Cancer research~ isle of sheppey.
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Great price, great product, great cause !!! HOT !!(y)


Amazing 1st deal


Amazing first deal! (y)


Great excuse to send the Mrs to the Isle of Sheppey. (we live in Scotland).


Thanks, OP! Great first post!! Love these. Wish I lived near there, I'd buy them all! (y)

Local Deal - Glasgow Cancer Research Shop prom and bridesmaid dresses £3
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Posted 7th Jun 2018Posted 7th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Local Deal - Glasgow Cancer Research Shop prom and bridesmaid dresses £3
This is a really specific deal but if it helps one person then it's a cracking deal. The Cancer research shop on Queen St in Glasgow has a large selection of new ballgowns that ha… Read more

I was in a rush by the time I'd thought to post so didn't get any better photos.


Great deal. I post quite a few local deals. If it helps just one person I'm happy


Always walk by that shop one day should actually go in.. good find

£5 Off Race for Life Entry this Weekend @ Cancer Research UK
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Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018
£5 Off Race for Life Entry this Weekend @ Cancer Research UK
Sign up to Race for Life and save £5 on your entry feeYou can get £5 off entry to your Race for Life event over this Bank Holiday weekend with our Easter sale! Use the code EASTER… Read more



Might encourage more people to sign up who will then raise more funds for the charity bysponsorship.


Seems a strange concept to save money on a charitable event.

Cancer research mothers day flowers - bouquets from £25 with 25% of all sales going to charity
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Posted 28th Feb 2018Posted 28th Feb 2018
Cancer research mothers day flowers - bouquets from £25 with 25% of all sales going to charity
Order your mother's day flowers from cancer research and 25% goes to cancer research ( can't find if it's 25% of the sale price or 25% of the profits). Flowers start at £25
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And they are all CEOs of large corporates are they? In what way do you think they could do the job?


The EXACT reason why i will NEVER put a penny in big corporate ‘charities’ pockets!!!


It's not what I think it's what the sector pays. If these people you know have the skills and experience to do it then they should apply next time it comes up and donate the remaining £190k to UCL research.


I dont care what YOU think is realistic. I know many people who could and would do the job for £60K.


You do realise a large part of UCLs funding comes from Cancer Research and if they didn't have the profile they have, UCL wouldn't be getting this money. While I agree in principle that it would be better if a greater % of donations went direct to the cause, a CEO salary of £50k just isn't realistic. A tube driver earns more than that and we're talking about a complex organisation with hundreds of employees and an annual income of more than £600m.

Cancer Research Winter Sale. From 99p (Free P&P on orders £25)
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Posted 24th Dec 2017Posted 24th Dec 2017
Cancer Research Winter Sale. From 99p (Free P&P on orders £25)
Cancer Research have reduced cards, wrapping, gifts etc. They have some nice stuff at good prices, starting at 99p and it's a very worthy cause. Postage is £3.95 or free if you… Read more

Yet again people walk around blind folded. Open ur eyes. Its all a scam.


Someone's going on Santa naughty list. :p


The only ridiculous thing is your comment. How would you suggest a charity generating over £400 million a year is going to run without any costs?


Wel that says it all. Ridiculous my every penny of hard earned money should go direct to the cause


This much.

Unity Bands (Red, Navy & Blue) in support of World Cancer Day 4th Feb only £2
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Posted 28th Jan 2017Posted 28th Jan 2017
Unity Bands (Red, Navy & Blue) in support of World Cancer Day 4th Feb only £2
Show your support for World Cancer Day and purchase a unity band for only £2. Thank You
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Just watch when purchasing one of these if you're a man. The band wouldn't fit round my wrist unfortunately, and I'm not a huge guy either.


Anyone seen the movember ones in any shops. £2.70 delivery is excessive! I'd rather buy 2 in a shop so I knew where my money was going!


I'm doing the London 10k Winter Run in London in 2 weeks for Cancer Research.


Store finder here


Peacocks (The one in Coventry, West Orchards, anyway) have them. Maybe all Peacocks outlets do.

Cancer Research Charity Xmas Cards now 79p instore (Plymouth)
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Posted 18th Jan 2017Posted 18th Jan 2017
Cancer Research Charity Xmas Cards now 79p instore (Plymouth)
Support Cancer Research, found these cards in my local shop, great cause and great bargain for you. There are different designs so go in your local shop and get a Bargain.
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Don't worry, it was time well spent.


Still not voting hot though, as don't think this deal should go high as many people will just pay the 79p.I have to thank you for taking the time to let me know you can make donations in a charity shop, thought the OP was making this part up.;)


What local shop?


Wouldn't buy at any price - the cause seems good at first glance, but why do all the management get a salary rather than work for free if they're such good and caring people ? As for a bargain, my local pound shop had Christmas cards reduced to 5p each this week...... that's a bargain. I have friends and family who have shops in small local high streets, and they now have a choice of closing down or claiming tax credits to try and stay in business - charity shops like cancer research get free stock, free staff (other than management), reduced business rates, often get free advertising in local media etc etc ............... how is that fair or even morally defensible, to help put your competitors out of business ? Charity shops these days are part of a business empire so should compete on a level playing field. Many of the smaller family businesses which have to close down in part due to charity shops, are run by people nearing retirement age who will not get paid work elsewhere. How much of every pound you spend in a charity shop actually goes to the charity rather than paying overheads - ask in your local shop and see if they know the answer ? Charity shops in my opinion should be forced to pay their way like every other business in a high street, and the sooner they go back to jumble sales at the weekend the better - I have nothing against lots of charities doing good work, but when they are unfairly competing against small family businesses and helping to close many of them down, I cannot see that they should be supported.


I'm fairly sure you can pay the price on the label and then put any additional donation in the box on the counter. Yes I'd rather pay full price too but at least the OP is pointing out that you can get these charity cards. So HEAT added!

70% off at Cancer Research UK's online shop!
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
70% off at Cancer Research UK's online shop!
Up to 70% off their Christmas range and lots of other items, like clothing and accessories..

​i wouldn't worry about it. None of your money will actually research cancer. It will go to wages, shop rents, TV adverts etc.


My tax breakdown for last year said I paid over £2,000 towards welfare, this I think is an ample charitable donation to the less unfortunate. I'm am happy with my level of charitable donations at the moment. I also question Cancer Charities, I don't want to be a mumbling mess in a nursing home, being pumped full of expensive pills to keep the dreaded cancer away.




Shame my mum didn't know it was self curable As she was riddled in pain not being able to walk before she passed away If only we knew eh !!!


I am convinced about the selling on of details too. me, my wife and my sister all donated to this charity and were inundated by the same charities inside a few weeks. You have no idea how many charities are sitting on a surplus of cash, a few years ago guide dogs for the blind had millions in reserve. Then there was the tsunami appeal which raised over a billion worldwide, and supposedly so far has built 6 regular buildings (non hospital etc). As said above if you can give direct.

Ladies boots £8 - BRAND NEW WITH LABELS - Donated from "Tesco" @ Cancer Research - Wishaw
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Posted 10th Apr 2016Posted 10th Apr 2016LocalLocal
Ladies boots £8 - BRAND NEW WITH LABELS - Donated from "Tesco" @ Cancer Research - Wishaw
BRAND NEW WITH LABELS ,LOTS OF STYLES ,SIZES,. Donated from "Tesco",,so may be nationwide , Iseen these in Wishaw ,they had boxes of them,so. ****reduced again*********** NOW £… Read more
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​sorry just hit ignore for you now, you are an .........


That was after you edited your post to correct the spelling?


​Sign, some people hey


Look at me! Look at me! I just love to tell strangers how charitable I am!


And give them an tenner to round it up for charity :)

Up to 75% off Cancer Research shop
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Posted 16th Jan 2016Posted 16th Jan 2016
Up to 75% off Cancer Research shop
Cancer research UK has an up to 75% off sale ,they have added lots of new lines. . Save money and support Cancer Research UK . £3.95 postage or free over £49. You are also able to … Read more

I have many qualifications- you don't need to worry about that. Poundland jobs are only for returning indigenous brtiish troops who have been made redundant from their child-murdering in Iraq and Afghanistan -


Sounds like redundancy has taken its toll on you, poor fellow. I hear there are jobs going at pound land that may suit you?


23 years in research drug discovery. 6 pharmaceutical companies, 3 "charities". 11 Drug discovery projects. That's my proof. I no longer work in that business now, so I am free to talk about it. Let me ask you a question. Name one drug discovery company that does not do animal testing for their medicines?? I would love to know!!!


No. I am not Mr Icke. The Mr Ickes of this world- you will find- successfully runs Cancer Research. He want you to give money to him so he can wage his brave western war against the jihadi cancer boogyman. But in fact he takes your money for his salary and freebies. I know this because I used to work for Mr Icke and his type and his organisation. His misinformation works wonders on you. Now- you get back to baking them cakes for CR.


So your telling the truth and they are all lying? Like you have said .. do you have proof to substantiate this ?

Cancer Research UK - 50% off sportswear
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Posted 15th Oct 2015Posted 15th Oct 2015
Cancer Research UK - 50% off sportswear
Need I say more really, some decent sportswear going cheap, and all profits for a good cause. Better than buying overpriced tat from Nike

Thanks for your response, appreciated!!! I am so deflated but you know i believe you are so right!


The short answer is that some does. But, the majority does not. For these charities, the bottom line to cancer it that is is not a is a business model. Hope you get well soon!


Well, I'm dumbfounded, having had two surgeries for cancer and now having chemo (6 off) followed by radio for 5 weeks,, I have been fund raising so much and now I wonder where my donation money is actually going... paying for business class flights???


CRUK love people like you


Yes, they certainly do research, there is no question of that. I showing you where most of your money is really going. Also, you are correct, that was 20 years ago. My last biotech was in 2007 and such abuses had increased. CEOs were paying themselves even more than £125 K in 2007 than 1999. Are you saying since 2007 till today, there has been a massive clean up of this scam called CRUK?? Trust me, there hasn't. I know people still working there today. If anything is it even worse. Today they specialise in making up job titles for people they employ that have nothing to do with research into finding cancer medicines on over-inflated salaries. Titles like Technology Transfer Managers, Transitional Science Executives, Business Development Managers. You tell me, what right does a "charity" have employing such people?? They sit at their desks and talk and talk and have coffee before more talk. It is absolutely disgraceful. On their salaries you could employ 3 scientists for everyone of them. Don't get me wrong, you are innocent in all this. They are the ones in the wrong. Your deal is legitimate. However, you are funding deviants whose primary concern is not finding anti-cancer medicines (that may be a secondary concern). Their primary concern for these people is paying themselves and their mates in made up job titles and living it up with your money you donated.

Cancer Research Offering Free Online Will Service
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Posted 13th Aug 2015Posted 13th Aug 2015
Cancer Research Offering Free Online Will Service
Free Online write or update a simple Will, service Free for people over the age of 55. Enter voucher code: FWSN0810001 at the checkout on Nelsons Solicitors Website, helped my fat… Read more

Orderd a couple for my apartments in Dubai and Miami!<3


Have to agree wth the cynics in here. Not a fan of charities and there underhanded tactics these days


Bunch of cynics in this thread! Many charities offer this service and while a donation is suggested it is by no means forced, I see it as a great idea for charities to potentially raise some much needed money while at the same time helping the community and spreading awareness.


I'm sorry there is a conflict of interest here. A potential beneficiary is involved in the will making process albeit as a secondary party. Not a good combination. By all means give to this charity. But keep your will making decision separate from your living charity giving process.


Please donate too

Mugs in box NOW 29p each from cancer research
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Posted 15th Jan 2015Posted 15th Jan 2015LocalLocal
Mugs in box NOW 29p each from cancer research
New mugs in clear boxes are now 29p each. Each mug has a logo. I saw 3 which were "United we are stronger than cancer", Today's a great day" and "Lets beat cancer soon". The mug i… Read more

That's damn funny. LOL. Seriously, lets 'big' Cancer Research up, though, everyone loves charities esp. when they o good work.


You wouldn't say that if you knew my family history. ;)


Amazing people help me look after my mate few years back.


you cant catch it :|


people who have needed to support if mcmillan nurses would know there worth if u can't afford much to begin with then 20p from alot of sales is better than 2.99 of none let people make there own choice on the matter .