Gigabyte 4 in 1, Case-PSU-Keyboard-Mouse bundle £53.39 @ Scan

Gigabyte 4 in 1, Case-PSU-Keyboard-Mouse bundle £53.39 @ Scan

Found 26th Jul 2014
This Gigabyte 4 in 1, Case-PSU-Keyboard-Mouse bundle at £53.39 is Quality Gigabyte Branded Kit.

GZ-4GM5B5 - Gigabyte GZ-M5 microATX Case with 400W Gbyte PSU + Gigabyte M/M Keyboard & Mouse


Scam again. lol

no details about the psu at all? 400w psu can range from £15 - £80+.


Just because it's gigabyte branded doesn't mean a thing. The case for example only supports one front 80mm fan and one rear 80mm. That's very poor cooling and pretty old school too. As said above, psu is questionable too.

Get a zalam T4 and corsair psu for round £55-60. I had a client who wanted a mATX set up and I saw gigabtye bundles like this and thought about but zalman came with USB 3.0 and the case is great minus the front panel as that's a hassle to take off. The system is almost dead silent and the case is pretty nice.

Check amazon as I saw variouss models if you don't want to use scan.
Better case…atx…atx

I'd would post these myself on HDUK but I honestly think its better getting the T4+Corsair and spend extra £10-20 for keyboard and mouse.…ses…psu

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For somebody on a really low budget this would be fine I know digitalfoundry used one in a build.
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