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Gigabyte AERO 17.3" Laptop UHD 4K miniLED 1000nits 120Hz Intel i7-12700H RTX 3070TI 16GB RAM 2TB SSD £1749.99 (membership required) @ Costco

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cheapest by far.. excellent all round laptop, one of the best laptops money can buy in this form factor. although this 17in display is superior then the 16inch with its miniLED, HDR1000 nits, 120hz etc hope we see that around these prices too or lower.

Elevate Your Vision: A Classic Reborn

Deeply rooted in the classics, the inspiration of the Gigabyte AERO 17 Creator Laptop stems from previous generations and designs, evolutionary thinness and humanism aesthetics. Combining the 12th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs, and a remarkable 4K + HDR ultra-wide view, in one compact chassis. It offers high efficiency with the utmost beauty, driven by the core tenets of performance with minimalist yet detailed designs, granting all creators efficiency, precision, and exceptional form and function on their creative journey.

Sum of the Light Spectrum

The aesthetic formula of AERO 17 consists of polished details and graceful simplicity. The arced body is complemented with neat edges, removing any needless complexities. The CNC aluminum-alloy unibody is much more sophisticated than the traditional laptop. Just as a prism disperses light into its constituent spectral colours, the AERO 17 is the personification of an inverted prism, uniting the colourful and exquisite qualities of life into one rich complete experience.

Capturing Your Creative Mind

Before revealing the powerful specification details of AERO, we would like to emphasise the core concept of the AERO 17 Creator Laptops, is “Creativity starts here.” We believe that the reduced processing time for images or files thanks to AERO's power, will be the key for inspirational ideas to come to life with efficiency.

Thin yet Boundless 17" 4K miniLED Display

The AERO 17 comes with the most brilliant 17”4K UHD miniLED screen in GIGABYTE history. Possessing a multi-zone dimming design, the AERO 17 reaches into three-dimensional immersion with high-brightness and high dynamic ratio. It supports up to 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, displaying the most vivid and realistic colours. Be ready to welcome the world's richest visual experience ever.

X-Rite™ Factory Calibration & Pantone® Validated Dual Certification

With the first 4 side bezelless design, you get all the workspace you need. Each and every AERO panel is colour calibrated by world renowned X-Rite™ calibration technology before it leaves the factory. Plus the Pantone® Validated certification; experience perfect colour accuracy the moment you turn on the AERO.

Certified with VESA DisplayHDR™ 1000, it offers a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, leading the industry with film-grade absolute black, providing the most vivid visual experiences. Boasting a film-industry standard of 100% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, images are presented with the most realistic and exquisite colors, mastering colour management to the fullest. All this coupled with with a 120Hz refresh rate, the display presents smoother dynamic images without ghosting. When browsing web pages, video special effects production, the sharp texts and images are always presented with crystal clear visibility.

12th Gen Intel Core Processors

Do it as swiftly as you dreamed - the realisation of creativity can be enhanced with computing power. AERO is upgraded with the latest 12th Gen Intel Core Processors - achieving premium multitasking performance, empowering both your creativity and productivity.

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series Laptop GPUs

The Ultimate PlayNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series Laptop GPUs power the world's fastest laptops for gamers and creators. They're built with Ampere—NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture— to give you the most realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features like NVIDIA DLSS. New Max-Q technologies utilize AI to enable thin, high performance laptops that are faster and better than ever.

Boost Performance With AI

NVIDIA DLSS gives games a speed boost with uncompromised image quality. Crank up the settings and resolution for an even better visual experience.

More Immersive Experiences

Ray Tracing is the holy grail of graphics. It simulates how light behaves in the real-world to produce the most realistic and immersive graphics for gamers and creators - and runs fast thanks to 2nd gen RT Cores.

Optimised Power And Performance

NVIDIA Max-Q is a suite of technologies powered by AI that optimise laptops to deliver high performance in thin form factors.

AI : Your Inteligent Assistant

To provide the best performance for our clientele, GIGABYTE and Microsoft collaborated and introduced the world's first and only laptop AI. It can learn the energy consumption details of every software and adjust the wattage consumption of the CPU and GPU accordingly, allowing the user to effortlessly enjoy the top performance. It will also determine the best screen brightness as different environments are detected. The best part is that with the accumulated learning data, AERO 17 will configure CPU/GPU for each software with more precision, saving up more time for you at multimedia processing and manual setting.

Assurred Dedication Every Second

GIGABYTE's unique cooling technology includes two 59-blade fans, 5 heat pipes, and multi-face heat dissipation fins. This allows the laptop to operate with a total thermal design power (TDP) up to 125 watts (45 watts for the processor and 80 watts for the graphics card) under “Performance Mode” as this thermal solution can quickly dissipate heat, ensuring a calm and stable throttle-free performance under heavy loads when gaming or multimedia processing.

WiFi 6E - Battle-Ready for the Next-Gen 6G Universe

It is imperative to transmit your creativity to the world instantaneously. With the next-gen Wi-Fi 6E, the brand-new AERO 17 laptops support not only the Wi-Fi 6 and the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands of the previous generation, but also the 6GHz frequency band, enabling faster speed and lower delays. This allows users to enjoy zero lag in AR/VR experiences and massive document downloading, diffusing creativity to the far beyond and exploring the future of the metaverse.

Speedy Demands Require Speedy Solutions

Time is money, don't waste it on waiting. AERO 17 comes with two slots fully supporting DDR5 memory. Having the advantages of low power consumption, high transmission speed, and high stability, it can fully support multi-tasking and smoothly handle model files of any size.

High Capacity, High Efficiency

With Intel® Thunderbolt™ 4, transmission and display are all in one port, saving all your time for your next creation. AERO 17 laptops support up to PCIe Gen4x4 4TB SSDs. It has a bandwidth and sequential read speed of up to 7000 MB/s, which is 2 times faster than the previous generation4, allowing users to preview faster, store more, read faster, and work on the files - seizing every second when inspiration hits.

Thunderbolt 4

Transferring data and video display are all done in just one port. With two built-in Intel® Thunderbolt™ 4 achieves a transfer speed of up to 40Gbps and 8X faster than USB 3.1. Additionally, the reversible USB-C transfer port interface can output up to two 4K screens. One of them can also be used for PD charging, breaking all boundaries for your endless creativity.

AERO Hub for Expansion

With the included AERO HUB, complex interface is replaced by just three USB-C, converging all port functions into the AERO HUB. This creator intended hub offers HDMI, MiniDP, USB Type-A, and RJ45. With the advantage in flexibility, expansion capacity, and easy storage, you can set up your mobile workshop whenever and wherever you want.

Liberate Your Inspiration

Never let anything come into your way of creativity. AERO 17 comes with a large 99WHr battery, reaching the maximum allotted size for air travel, allowing you to savor your creativity anywhere, anytime.

Login with Just a Glance

The AERO 17 using the infrared camera with Windows Hello facial recognition to login, and Windows precision touchpad that supports a variety of touch gestures that offers you hands-free efficiency and high privacy.

Reaching for the Stars

The brand-new AERO keyboard design echoes the creators' voices as the flamboyant per-key RGB backlit function is removed, allowing editors and photographers to see clearer in dark rooms. The laser-engraved keyboard looks just like the starry sky at night - sparkling and splendid, with all function keys easily visible, speeding your workflow up.

Model Number: XE5-73UK738HP
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership

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  1. Avatar
    Specs are insane for how thin this thing is
    That's a very naughty perspective shot to give the appearance of thinness.
  2. Avatar
    4k mini led screen is the bees knees
    So true, people moaning about the price but it's the beautiful sleek form you're paying for
  3. Avatar
    This is brilliant.
  4. Avatar
    3070 at this price is terrible. It should have a 3080 and even then it would only be what it should normally cost.
    You are paying for form factor and build, both of which are impressive. Just hope nothing fails on it because parts are impossible to get
  5. Avatar
    At 17inch screen, this is too big. How would you move this about?
    Are you serious? Is this a genuine question 😳
  6. Avatar
    "Battle-Ready for the Next-Gen 6G Universe"
    Why do this teenager oriented misleading marketing?
    What battle? There is no 6G and no universe. little importance 6GHz frequency like others - yes, but thats different to still in development 6G.
    Marketing by teenagers maybe
  7. Avatar
    Could be worth going executive membership for this.
    Why do you say that?
  8. Avatar
    I am giving this heat for the specs and how this looks.
  9. Avatar
    I wouldn't say this was a gaming laptop, more for content creation. The tdp of the 3070TI is 80 watts
  10. Avatar
    This looks great but I'm struggling to find any reviews. The 16 in model doesn't review so well
  11. Avatar
    The 16inch is 2k but has amoled screen
  12. Avatar
    There's lots to like here, I'd hope the cooling can deal with the Ti without excessive thermal throttling at which point you might be better off with a 3070 mobile vanilla
  13. Avatar
    That's some laptop!