Gigabyte AMD Ultimate Bundle (with X6 1055t and W7HP....etc.) for £419.99 @DABS
Gigabyte AMD Ultimate Bundle (with X6 1055t and W7HP....etc.) for £419.99 @DABS

Gigabyte AMD Ultimate Bundle (with X6 1055t and W7HP....etc.) for £419.99 @DABS

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Found it while searching around for a new setup for moi!

Comes with:
Windows 7 Home Premium
GA-890FXA-UD5 MoBo (Sata III (6GB/S) and USB3.0)
AMD (Hexacore) X6 1055t
4GB of XMS3 RAM (Corsair)

Not a bad deal for a setup which could last you about 4-5 years!

EDIT: Yh, it also comes with Lost Planet and Stormrise! (which are both excellent games!)


W7HP £70
MoBo £140 (SCAN)
AMD X6 1055T £170
Lost Planet+Stormrise £25
4Gb DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz (corsair) £55

TOTAL COST £460> £419.99


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plz put your reasons why for lowering the heat!

just had a 1 look at the processor you say its £170?
had 1 look on ebayer and its 139 so thats £30 saved for a start:)
as for the games they will be oem,and are not great games at that
as for the rest, no doubt they will also be cheaper

and theres few things missing no graphics card,no hard disk, for £460 you could quite easily build a pc for that. with a mid/top range graphics card plus hard disk to make a complete pc to play top of range games
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How about windows 7 that must be worth 70 - 80 I guess if you was buying from different companies the postage would add up plus they would all be delivered at different time and dabs giving free P&P this week end . the game would be ok if you was into games maybe they would have been better giving you something else instead . . . So worth a +

Blowing a little cold I'm afraid. Last week I ordered a Dell XPS Studio 7100 from the Dell Outlet store - AMD 1055T x6, 6Gb RAM, 1TB drive, 1Gb ATI Radeon 54-something graphics card, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, free delivery and came in at a snip under £440. Arrived on Tuesday, excellent. I spec'd as close as I could on the normal Dell site and it came in at a little under £800. So yeah, as kit of parts, this offer is OK but there're definitely better deals around if you look.

'NO O/S' rules.

bought my first computer from Dell 4 years ago went back after 8 months motherboard failed
bought a new computer this year from Dell an i7 860 it was a deal from this site motherboard failed
wont see it now till the new year


Under £380 now??
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