Gigabyte gaming 3 AB350M £67.98 @ Ebuyer

Gigabyte gaming 3 AB350M £67.98 @ Ebuyer



I have this motherboard and i'm happy with it, I paid £70.99 for it from Amazon a month ago - that was the cheapest at the time - so this seems like an OK deal.

The voltage regulators get pretty hot, but I understand that's pretty common on the cheaper boards for Ryzen, especially mATX where there's less room to fit the components. I ended up adding another fan to the top of my case, right above the VRMs and that helped quite a lot. I am running a 1700X on this board, which I think might be pushing it a bit.
I have the ATX version of this board, I have to agree. Although it overclocks well and supports a fair list of DDR4 memory, the VRMs do let it down a little. In saying that I have an R7 1700 OCed to 3.8ghz with Corsair LPX @3200 with the stock Wraith cooler. It hits about 70c under load. VRMs hit nearly 80c at this load.....which is not much really, but if I up the vcore or SoC voltage even a fraction....they can go well over 80c very quickly.

Quite a lot of BIOS updates with this board too. So this makes me think it is very much WIP.
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