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Gigabyte G5 KF Gaming Laptop - i5-12500H 4.5GHz / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / RTX 4060 8GB £1199 @ Ebuyer

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Thought this might be of interest to someone looking for a laptop containing the latest graphics card. Doesn’t seem far away from 3060 prices, but I’m not really familiar with the brand

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GIGABYTE G5 Gaming Laptop brings brand-new gaming elements of future trends, combined with next-generation powerful performance. GIGABYTE G5 Gaming Laptop is equipped with 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs, and a 144Hz high refresh rate display, offering high efficiency and a better experience. Designed with a thin-bezel screen, it provides high portability. This laptop can be by your side as you weave through different roles, supporting more than fight and also your everyday life.
15454864231677898525.jpg4325613131677898529.jpg20072845811677898536.jpgLight and Thin Design
Thin-bezel design screen enables GIGABYTE Gaming Laptop to be a thin laptop with a lightweight body, which is easy to be grasped handily, without compromising its high performance. You can enjoy playing games when going out while finishing more tasks at the same time.
4836112241677898553.jpgSeeing More Effect Details
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs power the world’s fastest laptops for gamers. With the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs, fully unleash your performance and experience incredibly detailed virtual worlds.
19841308911677898567.jpg12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H
The G5 gaming laptop is equipped with the 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H. 12 cores processor and the highest clock rate of 4.5GHz offer fast multimedia processing and the smoothest gaming experience
11543454871677898581.jpg144 Hz Smooth Display
The 144Hz high refresh rate display takes away motion blur and only leaves a perfectly smooth image experience. A clear glance at the enemy is the key to victory
11049851411677898595.jpgWINDFORCE Cooling Technology
It can remain the comfortability of your operation even during high-load game playing or under multimedia processing, not only does it help the G5 achieve 100% CPU and GPU outputs but also remains quiet and stable at the same time.
21454824191677898609.jpgImmersive Audio
With DTS: XTM Ultra audio technology, G5 provides an exceptional sound experience and performance. It brings true 3D surround effect and the voice communication is clearer than ever with Two-Way AI Noise Cancellation that removes noise from incoming and outgoing audio.
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  1. Kralz8's avatar
    Oh cool, I bought the 3060 version of this when it launched two years ago (for a bit cheaper, £997.97) and I was very satisfied with my purchase (though mine also came with a now discontinued 240 Hz screen, which is admittedly overkill lol).

    Build quality isn't perfect, feels quite flimsy, but I don't take mine anywhere as it basically became a gaming desktop for me; I have it hooked up to a 1440p/144 Hz screen and it's great. Fans are also loud but I game with headphones so it doesn't bother me. Also, looking at the product spec page on their website, it seems like they've removed the additional 2.5" storage bay which is a bummer. Can still upgrade RAM and add an extra M.2 so that's not bad.

    As a patient gamer, it was a great value and performs amazing with every 8th gen title I've played. Most demanding games I've played are Arkham Knight, GTA V and Apex Legends, and each will get 90 FPS at 1440p (GTA V less so because that game is kind of a mess now, especially online).

    Given the £200 increase from the 3060 launch model, I wouldn't say it's entirely worth it as they've removed the 2.5" slot, and reduced the refresh rate of the screen. If you are patient, I think you'll see 4060 laptops come down in price relatively quickly (I saw mine go for about a £100 discount within 6 months I think). If you need one now, I think you are better off trying to score an older 3070 laptop at a reduced price. But this one doesn't seem too bad given the nice CPU.
  2. 740540's avatar
    Heat for one of the first laptops with RTX 4000 series GPU on HUKD
  3. shamus21's avatar
    i would not even consider a RTX 4000` series laptop GPU until the end of year. Pricing in just way to high for what being offered plus there is a lot to learn about the new 4000`s Nvidia have been pumping it up based on some fake testing.
  4. Minstadave's avatar
    4060 looks decently faster than the 3060 too with an extra 2GB of VRAM. (edited)
  5. Sie_Masz's avatar
    This looks good.Haven't seen any reviews of this model,but 4060 performs around 3070ti laptops so with 12500 looks like a good offer at this price point.Msi basic models with that gpu start around 1.5k.Voted hot.
    MeneerSmith's avatar
    "but 4060 performs around 3070ti laptops"

    You are reading the wrong reviews if you think this. The 4060 has across the board framerates lower than 3070ti, more on par with 3070's (so about 10% lower).

    This is a lower price 4060 so need to know if it is full watt gpu as lower watt gpu's can perform worse than 3060's.
  6. MeneerSmith's avatar
    This looks like a 75w gpu so would be beaten by a full watt 3060.

    Could be wrong though as tdp was hard to confirm (as two models I saw both had 8gb system ram) but it looks like this model has 150w psu and if so no way is it running a gpu at 115+25w boost.
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    yup 75w
    49689693-C9Ju4.jpgstill looks like a decent machine though at this p
  7. phunny12000's avatar
    the early versions are always lower power except the top range and even they go up after 4 months,ive read and watched hundreds of reviews and a full power 3060 would beat this,and most of them are paired with similar 12th gen cpu,still a brilliant price for 4000 series.remember this gens 4070ti is apparently the original 4080 but was ridiculed for performance as a consumer flagship
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