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Gigabyte Radeon RX 6700 XT EAGLE 12GB Graphics Card £389.99 @ Amazon

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Seems a good price.

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  • Powered by AMD RDNA 2 Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • WINDFORCE 3X Cooling System with alternate spinning fans
  • Screen cooling
  • RGB Fusion 2.0
  • Protection metal back plate

Product description
The AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT graphics card, powered by AMD RDNA™ 2 architecture, featuring 40 powerful enhanced Compute Units, the all new AMD Infinity Cache and 12GB of dedicated GDDR6 memory, is engineered to deliver ultra-high frame rates and powerhouse 1440p resolution gaming.
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    CES in early Jan so expect some price drops thereafter with new cards coming.

    Heat though!
    It's Amazon though who have free returns until 31st Jan. Better advice would be to buy the card now and wait until next month to open it to see if those price drops actually happen. If not then keep it
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    Worse Raytracing
    Higher power consumption
    Worse stability with lower quality buggy drivers

    Always subpar with Radeon always go with Nvidia RTX worth losing a bit of performence and going for a 3070 to have a much more polished product
    Had 3 generations of AMD GPU's now, R9 270x, RX480 and my RX5700XT. Never had a single driver issue. They may have been bad in the Radeon days, but 'AMD DRIVERS BAD' is so outdated it's funny at this point. (edited)
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    Decent deal. I have a MSI one which runs high/ultra at 1440p, consistent 120fps.

    Get more FPS than a 3070.
    Mate you can't say that... literally depends on game lol
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    Is EAGLE a good model of the 6700 xt?
    One of the cheaper tier. ASUS TUF line is considered one of the best versions.

    That said, the 6700XT sips power (200-230W) and as long as you have plenty of airflow within your case, you'll be fine. Mine runs at about 55C (Hot Spot 75C) under gaming load. I have the Gigabyte 6700XT Gaming OC 12G card. (edited)
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    I love that people on Hot UK Deals think prices are based on some objective value rather than factors of supply and demand.
    Yeah but a gpu's perceived value is often the decisive factor in how much demand there is, so prices absolutely are based on value or at least they will be if the demand is too low which is why so many are saying hold the line.

    Very poor sales numbers tell us the demand is too low at these price points, I expect we will eventually meet in the middle, at the moment there's a stand off.
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    I think prices will drop when AMD/nVidia report horrible Q4 GPU sales.
    The xtx has been sold out and unavailable. The xt is available. The problem is lack of availability for the xtx, so a supply issue. Is AMD trying to force sales of the xt? Makes no sense. If the xtx was produced in adequate numbers and was £899, they would have this round.
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    Horrific pricing still. No way they can hold. They can keep trying.
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    Wouldn't touch this until it hit £300
    I think the point is we(the customers) are the ones who will either give Nvidia and AMD the thumbs up to reset the GPU price ceiling and floor based on crypto mining and chip shortage highs or we will collectively rebuff that pricing and they will have to come back down to earth on pricing.

    For me anyone who needs a upgrade should be looking at the used market, better bang for your buck and the manufacturers aren't profiting on 2nd hand purchases.
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    Personally I think this is decent value in the current market its very capable card and offers good price/performance
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    Looks like a great price for anybody who's in need of an upgrade now
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    Good effort OP 🔥🔥🔥
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    So this one or etc 3600.d9nt really want to send more than 400 quid
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    Upgrade from a 2060 super?
    6700xt is about a 65% performance uplift from the 2060.

    I usually have a rule about not upgrading unless I'm at least doubling my frame rate so I'd be looking for a tier above, but it is a significant upgrade.
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    Great price
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    Am I missing something? The 3060Ti FE sells for £369 and performs a few % worse. Why is this so hot?
    Where can I find one for that price?
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    Can someone please help me? I currently have an AMD 5600G CPU with integrated graphics which is adequate for most tasks. My main reason for buying this was the running costs of electricity of this compared to a dedicated graphics card and the fact that it only play the odd game infrequently.

    So my questions are if I buy the Gigabyte graphics card would I be able to disable that to only use my integrated graphics most of the time? Would this save electricity?

    My plan is to enable the Gigabyte only when I'm playing games or doing graphics intensive work. (edited)
    Yes you can use a dedicated Gpu only for gaming or certain apps. Actually I feel - without doing any research (purely based on my thoughts) that this would also be better for the Gpu longevity 
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