Gigantic Peach Melba..... - £12 @ Birtley Home Bakery

Gigantic Peach Melba..... - £12 @ Birtley Home Bakery

Found 14th Jul 2012
This is going to be a local thing so if it doesn't get hot then fine.

Birtley Home Bakery (home of the best Stottie Cake in the world) are doing three sizes of Peach Melba baked daily in the shop.

The normal sized ones are about twice the size of the ones you get in Greggs or Peters.

They do a Massive one for £ is the size of a dinner plate, but will cut into slices, just ordered one for the wifes birthday and about to collect.

These Melbas are THE best you will ever taste so if you are local to Birtley(Durham/Gateshead DH3 2QD) give them a go.

Whilst you are there get a Stottie......about 18" across and as soft as you'll find anywhere.
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HOT - I agree with you. I live not far from Birtley and have had these a few times. Also the pies are lovely.
i love Peach Melbas
i don't live far from Birtley but did not know about these, I'll get my keys...
Could you give me the recipe for the icening please I can't find it anywhere pregnant and this is my craving!!
Agreed, the Peach Melbas are the best ever. We often holiday in France and enjoy the patisserie, but when we are on the way home we always say that nothing beats those peach melbas from Birtley Home Bakery. The bread buns are the best too and as for the apple and raspberry pie - lush! The prices are amazingand I for one will not be tempted by the well-known supermarket coming to Birtley.
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