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HP Compaq 8200, Intel i7-2600, 3.4Ghz, 4GB Memory, 160GB HDD, Windows 10 refurbished - £155 at  Gigarefurb
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Grade 2 Brand HP Processor Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz Memory 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive 160GB Optical Drive DVDRW Graphics Integrated Operating System Windows 10 Home 64Bit Wireless No Wireless… Read more
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fwir this cpu eats about 100watt on its own so not ideal but yeah these were/are good cpus


If you were to put a few extra hard disks into this, would it be any good as a back up / file storage device?


"old" does not mean "slow" This goes for any cheap desktop.


This is a great PC, very powerful. Picked mine up on eBay a while back for Lightroom and Handbrake. Works well, although I've upped RAM to 16GB and added a load more storage. Perhaps a little pricey here given the small HDD and lack of RAM.

HP PRODESK 400 G1, INTEL I7-4790, 3.6GHZ, 4GB MEMORY, 500GB HDD, WINDOWS 10, 1 Year Warranty - £174.08 @ Gigarefurb
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
CPU BENCHMARK 9995 The HP ProDesk 400 G1 Refurbished Computer comes pre-loaded with the new Windows 10 to suit your personal and business needs. HP ProDesk 400 G1 ideal for all … Read more
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specs say i5-4790 ???


signup here for £5 off too

CHalligan - £203


OOS - thankfully! Nearly bought one I can't afford :D


Regardless, these are built like tanks and with a 4th gen i7 we cannot go wrong! (y)

Dell Latitude E7240, Intel Core i5 4300U Refurb, 1.9GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD,12.5" HD, Windows 10 - £226.56 at  Gigarefurb
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Dell Latitude E7240, Intel Core i5 4300U, 1.9GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD,12.5” HD, Windows 10 Refurbished Previously i have bought from them Cosmetic condition is very nice Top… Read more
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Looks to be £283 now


I'm having problems with mine as I can't get chrome to run on it, I get the message "you'll need a new app to open this ms-wpc". Any ideas?


So the replacement finally arrived a couple of days ago. It was swapped out at no cost to use after sending some pictures and a description. The replacement is in a different league and is what I would consider to be grade 1 and is like the pictures above, including the PSU. There is one thing to note which no one has mentioned before and that is they put a sticker on the lid of the case which makes it look in much better condition. I have no idea how bad it is under the sticker but i can imagine how bad the first one must have been. What concerns me is that the sticker is obvisouly going to wear and scratch easily and start coming off. overall though I can accept that given the good condition of the rest of it.


I will update this when the replacement comes.


Delighted with mine. One tiny ding on one of the corners but apart from that you wouldn't know it was used / refurb. Mine even has 2 months manufacture warranty left on it, which I didn't expect. For the money, the spec is fantastic, and perfect as a torrent / occasional streaming machine, which is all it will be used for.

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Lenovo ThinkPad laptop refurb - £149.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad 3rd generation laptop Under £150 inc tax with one year warranty and free shipping Good for a reputable retailer I ordered one for a gift for my youn… Read more

CPU has a passmark of 3812 that's faster than: I3 6006u at 3116 Slightly slower than an I5 6200u at 4009 So anyone moaning about the CPU being slow needs to think very very carefully here because it's equal to or better than ANYTHING in this price range new I pretty much guarantee that. The i5 8250u processor has a passmark of 7577 which is obviously much faster but you won't get that on anything under £500. Yes you might need a new battery but those cam be had for a small amount extra and it'd still be a cheap laptop. Up until now my youngest is gaming on a Lenovo X201 and for minecraft & roblox it's perfect ably acceptable. What people fail to realise is that CPU power has been ridiculous for a long time now and even 3/4 generation processors are still more than adequate and as I say this laptop is hugely more powerful & has better build quality than anything with A6/A8/Celeron/Pentium/Atom stuck in it


Site is offline ATM. I bought a T420 with an i7 from them a couple of years ago. Seemed fine bar a slight crack in the rear (if you 'cuse the expression), which was a little disappointing for a grade A refurb. Still working ok. Would probably buy again if looking for another solid business spec machine.


Hmm.. well spotted... that makes the whole miner script a lot more suspicious... especially how it was magically 'fixed' after it was called out on here (skeptical)


Hmm for an i5 its a great price. I know its an older model but wondering how slow is this really? Not had a chance to check out reviews or look into it any further. Anyone got one of these, whats the verdict?


Pretty blatant self-promotion - OP has only posted deals from this website. Come on OP, you've got to try better than that.

Dell Latitude E5440 refurb laptop, intel i5-4310, 2GHz, 4GB Memory, 250HDD, Win 10 @ Gigarefurb £119.99
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Dell Latitude E5440, Refurbished grade 1 laptop with Intel i5 4310 CPU, 2GHz, 4GB Memory, 250HDD, Windows 10. This seems too good to be true for the specs, yes it's a refurbished … Read more
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Message at the top of the screen to sign up for an account for a £5 off (if it comes back into stock).


FYI these are fairly heavy and expect the battery to be a bit rubbish as these will be ex business machines Good little workhorses though


bought this exact model recently from ebay paid sub £100 and of course it has wi-fi. The i5 is a strong cpu and delivers excellent all round performance, battery is easily 6hours in mine. Highly recommended if you can grab it at anywhere near this price.


well that's probably an error in the description but to answer your question I suppose you'd install a wifi card or USB wifi dongle or just use it on a network cable.


How do you use a laptop with no wifi

Refurb Dell latitude E7240 ultrabook intel i5 4300 8GB memory 128GB SSD Windows 10 - £223.20 at gigarefurb
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
Seems like a good deal (strong) Dell latitude E7240 ultrabook intel i5 4300 (4th generation) 8GB memory 128GB solid state hard drive 12.5" display Windows 10 Il use this for ge… Read more
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Just been used in the normal course of work, taken to meetings, conferences etc. Simply not as "bomb proof" as your exaggeration would suggest.


Did anyone make a purchase and if so what cosmetic condition did it arrive in?


So look after it better then I've got an old R51 that's still in perfect condition despite bring used in education for years. Suggest you look after laptops better then


I'd just reinstall Windows for my own sanity if I were you.


Thinkpads definitely aren't bombproof. The last one I had ended up a cracked motherboard.

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Lenovo T430s I5 3rd gen 120gb ssd refurbished at Gigarefurb for £199.99
Found 24th Jul 2017Found 24th Jul 2017
So happy with my purchase, the laptop works like brand new and the condition is emaculate. I will definately be grabbing more deals like these ! Great value for money especially wi… Read more
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Great keyboards and build quality I love my Thinkpads, but they are almost two business replacement cycles old, I'm amazed that something with HD4000 graphics can sell for £200 and I have seen in similar deal threads people say the battery doesn't matter, they just want a unit for the office/student's desk but, that being so, why not buy a 'refurbished' old Dell Optiplex base unit with monitor. If comes with a Sandybridge CPU with HD3000 graphics or an Ivybridge CPU with HD4000 integrated graphics, depending on the power supply there is a fairly good chance you can fit a graphics card, better cope with HD video, games, 4K video playback and encoding, etc. and still have change from that £200. I mean, what's the attraction, here, I love my Thinkpads aesthetically and my old iMac but they are just eye candy, now. I am not unimpressed by the resale value, just very surprised.


£50? Sold.


Your IvyBridge ThinkPad or EliteBook, or some cheap plastic consumer machine? Because there is a huge difference between business-class and consumer cheap plastic.


Wow, an ancient laptop from 2012 with an old ivybridge CPU (with HD 4000 graphics) has a resell of £199, just from putting a 128Gb SSD and Windows 10 in it? I figured I would be lucky to sell mine for £50. Does it come with a brand new battery, or a five year old ‘refurbished’ battery?


Glad not the only one, saw this before and thought sock puppet!

LENOVO THINKPAD X220, INTEL I5 2520M, 2.5GHZ, 4GB DDR3 MEMORY, 128GB SSD, 12.5", WINDOWS 10  Refurbished £215.99 @ GIGAREFURB
Found 15th Mar 2017Found 15th Mar 2017
Grade 1 Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad Brand - IBM / Lenovo Processor Intel i5 2520M 2.50GHz Memory 4GB DDR3 Hard Drive 128GB SSD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Operating System Windows … Read more
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It's, what, technically almost two business life cycles old and presumably isn't bundled with a new battery and the problem with laptops that old age isn't the CPU, which is fine, or even that the CPU has a much higher power draw than U-series ultrabook CPUs, the disadvantage with laptops of that age (assuming the vender has cleaned out the matted dust and, vastly less likely, cleaned off and applied fresh thermal paste to the CPU) that use integrated graphics is the comparatively poor performance of Intel HD Graphics 3000, though if it's mainly for office duties and won't often be used away from the desk where it lives, that probably won't matter much to the buyer. If a student looking for a laptop of this age, I would ask your relatives if they have something this old in a cupboard somewhere that they would be prepared to part with for little money, then add the cost of a new battery that holds a charge for longer than an hour or so.


To prefix this if you are getting the T430 then this advice applies, if you're getting the T431 then it doesn't at all. Best option is to keep an eye on HUKD and set up alerts for the term SSD. Price wise you're talking for a good deal on traditional 2.5inch disks of 128gb - £30 256gb - £50-55 512gb - ~£100 mark 1tb - Forget it, not currently good value for money. Those capacities being just placeholders as SSD's do tend to come in a variety of capacities around those figures. Also to add that you can get cheaper less good options and more expensive range topping ones. All depends on your needs. Windows 7 is slower on low end hardware, on the sort of options being discussed here then it's perfectly fine. With reference to 3 years for End of life, it's pretty unlikely that in most use cases that someone would not move on from this machine in that time.


Don't stick with Windows 7, it is slower, less secure and goes end of life in under 3 years. If you can get Windows 10 go for that


Great info, appreciated as looking for a new laptop and I'm on a budget, do you know how much your looking at for an SSD and where to look? Thinking of going for the last laptop in your list ( even though I prefer windows 7) Cheers


Product is simply amazing. But it can be gotten for a lot cheaper. CPU is still absolutely fine for most users, keyboard and trackpad/trackpoint are superb and built quality is awesome. I spilled a lot of water on mine and it was fine once it dried (though I accidentally melted the keyboard off) I'd recommend an SSD for everyone, 8GB of RAM if you are a tab **** and an IPS screen if you like colours. The 93Wh battery lasts all day which is pretty great.

HP 600 G1 Desktop computer intel i3 4130 4th Generation USB3.0 with Windows 7 Pro £191.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 28th Feb 2017Found 28th Feb 2017
Great deal I found while looking for a decent home-office replacement for my laptop. This is replacing my Lenovo T530 laptop which is great but I needed more screen space and was o… Read more
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Price reduced again. Promo runs until 31 March.


Price has increased :(


Easy enough put a SSD and a decent graphics card in this?


I keep looking around wondering what to buy :) I'm on an old Mac ATM and it's showing its age. The G4560 has had good reviews with a RX480 and then there's plenty of better i5s going cheap like this one :P


Yeah, Im tempted, currently running an i5-650 which is working fine, but this seems like a cheap upgrade.

Refurbished dell laptop intel i5 3rd generation 8GB memory 128GB SSD £199.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 16th Jan 2017Found 16th Jan 2017
I posted this deal a month or so ago and it got a great response. And i was happy with mine. I recommended them to people I know but it was out of stock when they came to order. Th… Read more

I bought the grade B with the £5 off which was £170, it has some scratches around some of the ports but it was purely cosmetic damage. The screen was absolutely fine. Once I cleaned the outside and gave the screen a wipe with a microfibre cloth it's cleaned up well. I'm going to have this in my backpack so it's likely to get a few bumps and scratches. As for the performance I can't complain at all I've been using it with visual studio community 2015 and it does everything I need it to. For £170 it seems to be a decent spec machine and as long as you don't want it in pristine condition it seems like a really good machine.


Much appreciated




is there any clarification on what standard is for grade A,B etc? cant see anything on the website.


​Thanks saw them was after grade 1/A so didnt get that from them, even though I received B equivalent lol

refurbished dell laptop intel i5 3rd generation 8GB memory 128gb ssd £199.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
I bought this refurbished laptop as a Christmas present for my son. I am a big fan of dell the build quality is great. I must admit I am overwhelmed with what I received. I am goin… Read more

Mine arrived and was fine


Hi, I ordered this deal before Christmas - delivery was great, pretty much next day. Regrettably, the machine was a mess. No experience of "grading" prior to purchasing but my machine was definitely not a "grade A". Plenty of visible damage to the sides (dents) as well as heavy scratches. Contacted the company straight away to advise as above. Was informed by the company that the item would have met quality control and certain amount of wear and tear was to be expected. Managed to get a refund in the end and woll not be taking the same decision again. Beware.


^^^ Programming easily, light video editing it should be ok.


will this be good enough for programming, java and stuff ? and what about some light video editing?


Currently Gigarefurb are attempting to rip me off. Sent an underspec laptop and giving the silent treatment re returning it..claiming back on Credit card. if anyones reading this still

Refurbished Dell 12.5" Latitude E6230 Intel i5 8GB RAM 128GB SSD storage with Windows 10 and 1 Year Warranty £220.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
This is my first post so please take it easy! My old Dell Inspiron 15R finally conked out on me and this was recommended as a good replacement with a nice price tag. A bit smaller… Read more

Currently Gigarefurb are attempting to rip me off. Sent an underspec laptop and giving the silent treatment re returning it..claiming back on Credit card. if anyones reading this still


So I picked one up A Grade i7 with 8GB and SSD due for delivery Monday for £199, so fingers crossed. I want it for the small size and for usage exclusively on the road with Office 365. For the doubters where can you get better for £199?



The Dell is a refurb laptop from 2012. The screen resolution is lower despite what the other guy says it also has poor viewing angles, oversaturated colours and crap contrast ratio too. Tidy spec back in its day and better build quality but it's dated!


Cold complete junk

Dell Latitude E6230, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 2.60GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Pro £190.80 delivered Gigarefurb Grade B (Grade B Refub) @ Gigarefurb
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
Grade B This Dell Latitude E6230 refurbished laptop comes pre-loaded with the new Windows 7 Professional to suit your business needs. The sleek and compact Dell Latitude E6230 pr… Read more

Anyone used Gigarefurb before? One big concern I have with refurb's is battery life. I know my works Dell's suffer after a year or so. Wondering what guarantees they give since so mention specifically of battery's on their site.


There are few on CeX website. A condition with SSD, £145 B condition with SSD, £130 (may be out of stock online) CeX sell those with HDD at higher prices. It is most likely that their price only considered hard drive size, and ignored the hard drive is SSD or HDD. So make sure always buy SSD version from CeX, value for money.




ordered one from cex with a slightly better cpu and with 2year warranty for £130 today.


No stock

Dell Latitude E6230, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen 2.60GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 7 Pro £190.80 delivered Gigarefurb
Found 9th Aug 2016Found 9th Aug 2016
yes..that deal is back..great price with an SSD

​ Perfect portable size


Upgrade the E6230 to Wireless AC and Bluetooth 4/LE with the Intel AC7260 (half-height version). Can be found for a little over £12.


The same place that puts the price up once an item gets 'deal' status. Smells dodgy to me.


good specs but small screen. just 12.5"


Great specs. Only thing, I have had mixed experiences with Dell.

Dell Vostro 260 Desktop -Refurbished- Intel i3 3.30GHz, 4GB DDR3, 250GB, Win 7 Pro 64bit £114.95 @ Gigarefurb
Found 1st Jul 2016Found 1st Jul 2016
Refurbished Dell Vostro 260 Tower PC with Windows 7 Pro, 4GB DDR3 ram, 250GB H/D, DVDRW, 1 year warranty, free delivery, Grade A Refurbished - may show signs of use intel i3 2120… Read more
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​Thanks, searched but couldn't find anything. now bought one ,cheers


well found! I got this one but sold out


eg Integral 120GB HUKD You MAY want to get to MyMemory site via a £back site rather than a direct link of course!


​Where can we gat a £25 ssd?? thankd


thanks mate :)

Dell E6220 i7 2.8GHz, 8GB DDR3, 128GB SSD & Windows 7 Pro - £275.99 @ Gigarefurb
Found 23rd Oct 2015Found 23rd Oct 2015
Haven't heard of this company before but there's lots of reviews saying their refurbs are really good! It's free next day delivery, just got mine and I'm amazed how brilliant this … Read more

The first one looks like it has been to a battering... The second one is virtually the same price (if you add 40£ for 128GB ssd) and the one op posted has a better processor and is grade A+ instead of B. And the 250/320GB external drives are hardly worth the bother these days when you can get a 1TB one for as little as 25£ on a good deal... So I believe both your links are inferior to this deal at 238£, I am not looking at buying this, I am simply providing information for people who might be considering it... I still don't quite get the hate for this post...


Don't bother with this machine at this price. A few alternative options would be Add the extra RAM and an SSD to match and you'll be about £80 as a minimum better off. Just beware of the grading on that one. Alternatively and probably more suitable is Add the SSD for about £40 to match this deal and a cheap caddy for £5 and you get a laptop that's better specified for quite a lot less money. You could get a 256gb SSD and still come away better off. You can get this model for about £70 if your happy to accept some minor cosmetic damage.


It is showing at 238.80£ for me Inc Vat...


but I notice that PayPal is an option. Heat from me.


Well, the 'better' deals do usually involve buying and adding your own SSD. For instance: X230 @ £200: HP EB 2570p @ £175: Dell 6230 @ £170: HP HP 820 G1 @ £299: Although none of those have an i7 (which I already showed is mostly just a naming thing), nor 8GB, nor the SSD. The RAM and SSD are easy to upgrades though. Guess this might appeal to someone who doesn't feel comfortable doing that. Also, none of them state 'grade-a', although being newer, they do have a better chance of a decent battery.