GIGASET A420A Cordless Phones with Answering Machine  Twin Handsets Delivered £19.99 @ Currys

GIGASET A420A Cordless Phones with Answering Machine Twin Handsets Delivered £19.99 @ Currys

Found 13th Aug 2013
Good Dect phones with Eco Mode.

Reduced from £49.99!

Cheapest I have found near is Amazon £29.99

•Integrated answering machine with up to 25 minute recording time
•Large, illuminated 1.8” display with high contrast
•Phonebook for up to 100 names and numbers
•Eco Mode Plus with no radiation1
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Bought this from Argos a few weeks back and yes, it is cheap but it's also very lightweight and plasticky. You pays your money...
We had these - lasted about 2 months before the buttons stopped working on one of them.

Swapped them for (not much more expensive) panasonics. Much better.
No home delivery options, none in local stores.

Let the wild geese fly!
OKR and TCR have stock in london.

see what you have done

Bought these about 6 months ago from Argos, very good build quality and battery life, 10x better than the BT ones we had before

Heat +
gigasets are really good phones. battery life is awesome. ..I have one of these. flawlessly, have dropped many times no crack. ..note, I had expensive bt and Panasonic phones and never understood the price tag!
Not voted but it definitely is very plasticy and feels cheap. I had a trio from gigabit, two out of three handsets died last month.

Spend a little more and pick up a Panasonic from eBay outlets and it will be worth it. If u look hard enough there are some good Panasonic deals every now and then.
We use the triple handset version of this.
Yes they're light, but have had no reliability issues in over a year.
We bought them to replace a Panasonic set which were much heavier but still broke.
Thanks OP reserved for collection at local store but as Currys are notorious for incorrect stock levels I may yet get the call to say sorry no stock!
Thanks, ordered.
Panasonics have given up the ghost, and fed up replacing expensive rechargeable batteries. Need answer machine, so hope they do the job
Thanks - Reserved a set, so taking a chance on the quality AND Currys poor stock level controls!! lol HEAT
I have the exact set, excellent value for money, think I paid £25 from Argos sale some time back, slick looks and style, nice display plethora of features. Recommended and at this price it's a steal! heat added.

We use the triple handset version of this.

£29.99 with free home delivery…tml
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gigasets are very long lasting...
have a very old bt branded one which only just broke down after 12 years!
my panasonic ones have lasted an avge of 3 yrs!
Not sure about the all the comments about it feeling plasticky - its made from plastic like many other wireless handsets, how else is it meant to feel?? metal Lol.
Very flimsy plastic, unlike Panasonic phones that are made from solid material.
Which? review:

The Gigaset A420 is a tempting well-designed cordless phone. It combines both style and functionality, and we found the large 1.8-inch screen easy to read. But is it too good to be true? How did the sound quality measure up? We sent it to our Test Lab to find out.
The Gigaset A420 is a decent cordless phone. It offers fair overall sound quality and is easy to set up and use. It's also got a good line up of features, including some that set it apart from rival basic phones, such as low and no radiation eco modes and a useful phonebook sharing function. It's slightly let down by the answerphone's sound quality and poor signal coverage, but you can add a signal range booster if required.
We revamp our test programme every year to ensure it stays relevant and up to date. This model was tested to our 2013 test programme so star ratings and total test scores should not be compared with models tested in previous years.

What is it?
It's a basic cordless phone with a built-in answerphone which stores up to 25 minutes of messages, and common features like caller ID, in-call volume adjustment, and a call log which stores the last 10 numbers dialled and last 25 calls received. It offers a few extras, too - you can set it to automatically mute the ringer if an anonymous number calls and set the day/night mode so you're not disturbed at specified times. It can be bought in single, duo, or trio-handset packs, and up to four handsets can be registered to the base station.

What's it like to use?
Setting up and using the phone is straightforward, including voice-aided instructions to get the answerphone up and running.
The 1.8-inch monochrome backlit display is sharp, easy to see, and better than small basic screens common on phones, and as the buttons light up, they're easy to make out in dim light. Once you've added phonebook contacts to one handset, you can share its phonebook with any additional handsets instead of inputting them again.
The base station will beep if you've any new answerphone messages or missed calls and it has a button to locate any misplaced handsets.
In our tests the phone managed seven days between charges.

What's the sound quality like?
Sound quality on the handset is pretty good when you or the caller speaks. Some feedback can be heard when using the handset's hands-free speakerphone if the volume is turned up, but it's fairly average overall, and answerphone messages can sound sharp when played back over the loudspeaker on the handset or base station.
Cordless coverage isn't the best, which is a common issue on phones with an eco mode, but you can add a signal booster. Annoyingly, it won't display or sound a warning if you're near leaving or have left its coverage area, so calls could end without warning.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
It's not compatible with a hearing aid, but alternative compatible cordless phones are available, such as the Panasonic KX-TG8561.

Anything else I should know?
A headset can also be added for hands-free calling.

Should I buy it?
It's a solid choice if you want an easy-to-use phone and less common features like muting calls from unidentified numbers. The sound quality is OK, but if having top-notch sound is important to you, there are better phones out there.

Pros: Speed dial, eco mode, signal booster compatible, phonebook sharing

Cons: Bad-quality outgoing answering machine message, poor signal coverage

Overall score 65%
I have a cheaper gigaset cordless phone bought half price in argos about 2 years ago.

Still works flawlessly, still on original batteries which hold a decent charge, good sound quality and range, menus/interface a bit fidgity but ok. Buttons all work perfectly and still feel like new, but we're not *very* heavy users. They are very light (which is a good thing for a phone you have to hold up to your ear for long times, no?) but very well put together and survived a couple drops without a scratch.

For me, the best thing about them is the no radiation mode. I have an environmental microwave meter and the amount of radiation you are being subjected to if you have these cordless phones/base stations around the house/near where you sit/sleep for long periods is just scary, but the gigasets give off nothing in eco+ mode, compared to most other manufacturer's sets which blast you 24/7 whether on a call or not, and even if you are on a call they are much better than any panasonics or BT sets I've tested.

Thumbs up to Siemens for designing a cordless phone with this technology
Large 1.8-inch screen - they all seem to say that but a 1.8" screen is tiny.
I bought this on Sunday to replace a philips that kept dieing and didn't have handsfree, nowadays you need handsfree the amount of time you wait inline in call centres!.

Im very pleased with it, can't fault it, ive tuned 1571 off and now use the answering machine built in and it works great, you can set the rings, only thing that sucks is the ringtones.
Reserved both the twin and triple sets

Do they have the facility to transfer stored numbers from handset to handset, like the Panasonics?

Do they have the facility to transfer stored numbers from handset to … Do they have the facility to transfer stored numbers from handset to handset, like the Panasonics?

Yes they do
Available again for home delivery. Mine will be with me tomorrow!
Bought these today, they're cheap but not too fussed as only the in laws call the phone. Looks nice enough in my living room though which is the important part!
Do the answering machine record day and time of message?

Also, does it have hands-free option?

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