GIGASET AS185 TELEPHONE @ £18.94 eBay (Argos)

GIGASET AS185 TELEPHONE @ £18.94 eBay (Argos)

£18.94eBay Deals
Found 4th May 2013
Cheap cordless landline phone
Answer machine
Good reviews

May help someone. I was after cheap cordless phone a while ago.
Updated price, missed a delivery first time. Still good price.
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I've got this home phone. It's good and reliable especially at this price I paid £40 for a triple set!
It's getting cold. Strange, it has no MMC reader and doesn't support Flash, so it's pretty similar to iPhone just cheaper...
got this one 2x. it's really good for the money.

had Solas from M&S for tenner before and this one is 100% better.

just realized, there's £3.95 delivery, I got mine for £14.99 delivered.
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these have been £14.99 in Argos stores for months. good phone
I have one too, great phone but hopeless recording time ..............12 mins .
12 mins. hopeless, That could be like loads of short messages ???

My average answerphone count these days on the land line is like 1 or 2 messages (If I'm lucky). Usually goes something along the line of, "Hi there it's Fred, give us a call back when you get in please mate, Cheers bye".

To be honest if I went on a 3 month holiday, 12 mins would be more than ample for me. Why would anyone drone on and on for ages talking to a machine?
" Why would anyone drone on and on for ages talking to a machine?"

dont ask me , but they do . I've heard the pre-recorded PPI messages on mine and they go on for 3 to 4 minutes at a time , 3 or 4 of those messages on this phone and you start losing customers .
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