Gillette fusion power 9 blades and razor £5.00 @ Boots instore
Gillette fusion power 9 blades and razor £5.00 @ Boots instore

Gillette fusion power 9 blades and razor £5.00 @ Boots instore

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Posted here for £20


Now £5

At boots instore.


Which store did you find these in ?


Which store did you find these in ?

Yeah I'd be interested to know that as I went into my local boots store yesterday looking for any deals on fusion razors and these were marked up at £20

are these in all boots stores? showing £20 onlineo

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It's nationwide I believe. Will upload pics when I get home. At work atm

yeah getting low on my blades cound do with a top up what store is it, nationwide or what ????

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Yes nationwide. Price drop happened today I think.

Got a couple of these back in May, they have reduced stickers on them, so could be individual stores old stock.
Good bargain if you can get them.

just phoned local boots told it is only available at the very large boots ie newport cardiff ,city stores

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No stickers. Goes straight through the till as normal

Just been to Boots in Newark on Trent on my lunchbreak, these are priced at £20 on the shelf, and scanning through the till at £20...

Good deal if you can get them. I went into my local store last time when a similar deal was posted but couldn't get any. Same with the Morrison deal when that was posted. Will look in my local tomorrow just in case (Llandudno).


I ran round to Boots in Piccadilly and these are still £20.00, I even checked at the till.

Voted Cold!

bah, no point in going to my local at notts if it's not nationwide (i'm just too lazy to check..)

hope its in Loughborough boots ?????

COLD, sorry OP.

Went to the huge store on Market street Manchester city centre and they where £20.

Just been to clayton square store, Liverpool. Still £20. Cold from me.

good deal. Has anyone ever bought anything from this mob?

Are they legit?

Nice will check tonight

Just phoned chorlton boots in manchester and the lady said they will be changing there price's tommorow but she does not know what the offers will be !!

This sounds too good to be true, they would be under-cutting both Mach 3 and Turbo blades by more than 50%. In fact I would go as far as to say that this would be the cheapest I've ever seen Gillette blades.

I will believe it when I see it. Even £1/each is a rare and great price.

nice one will pop in there tonight

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Sorry guys I will post a pic of receipt when I get back. There is no clearance sticker and they should go through at £5 everywhere. Don't know why this isn't case for some people.

A good deal if it's generally available.

Luckily my face can't cope with any of the multi-bladed razors I've tried so I'm still happily using Bic single-bladed razors; every so often someone buys me the latest Gillette Sensor / Machn or whatever and I chop my face apart for a week before going back to the Bics - at a few quid (or less) for a pack of ten I'm not complaining.

Doubt this is fusion "power". Could be the standard fusion.


Luckily my face can't cope with any of the multi-bladed razors

I've tried both and never found any difference on my face. I mean individual razors have different feels, but all multi-blade does is force the hair into a position where a later blade along the line can cut it - it shouldn't really damage your face any worse.

Too good to be true as already mentioned.

Don't believe a word of it, I'm not even going to check and boots is a 5 mins walk away...nationwide? Yeah right.

No proof and too many people saying its not on at their stores, cold from me then I am afraid.

voted hot £5 in cardiff, just 5 of them

just been back to boots online cheapest I could find for fusion 4 blades and razor was £7.99 will look again tomorrow

Chester - main store - still £20.

They were selling flying pigs for £5 though.

Doesn't seem nationwide. Possibly its due to change tomorrow and a handful of stores have changed price early? Although to sell this for less than you could pick up a pack of 4 is one hot deal if you find it!

Sorry voted Cold too as there's absolutely no proof supplied at all, the OP has also posted 4 replies without ever answering the first question of "Which store did you find these in?". If you aren't able to uplaod a scan of the receipt until later at least say which store you bought them in so someone can either go there or call them.

OP sounds like a scammer

In Wilkinsons with 4 replacement blades £7.85, I know its not £5 and only four cartridges but still a good deal I think ;-)

Cold for me... none in Hammersmith.

None on cheapside

i love that is always cheaper to buy a new one than the refills

Loads near me... £5 each.

yeh they're £1 for 40 at my local. great deal.

unicorns serving at the till today too.

I wish they would ban people posting nonsense and wasting peoples time.
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