Gillette FUSION POWER + 9 blades (worth £34.59) NOW £[email protected] (instore)
Gillette FUSION POWER + 9 blades (worth £34.59) NOW £20@TESCO (instore)

Gillette FUSION POWER + 9 blades (worth £34.59) NOW £[email protected] (instore)

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Gillette FUSION POWER + 9 blades for £20 reduced from £34.59

Normally 8 blades are about £20.

Here you get 9 blades plus the razor which is worth £10.99

A saving of over £14.

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£20 at a few places (RRP for this `pack'), 4 blades on own are £7.30 at Amazon and the razor most certainly isn't worth £10.99!


it says 9 blades not 4

Yes, I can read. My point is the saving is negligible over buying a standard 4 blade pack for Amazon, and given how frequently half-price (or better) deals can be had on the razor itself, doesn't make this a hot deal...

I got the 12 blade fusion version (non powered) from tesco which is pretty much identical and a better deal for £20

I stopped being a bathroom blood donor when I
was a pimply teenager and went over to electric.
I am amazed how the price of a simple shave
has rocketed over the years.


Ordinary fusion blades work in the buzzy holder and don't forget to sharpen them to extend their life. (_;)

£9.99 in Semi-Chem here for razor and 5 blades. Just get 2
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