Gillette Fusion ProGlide Blades (Pack of 6) Only £14.69 @ Amazon

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Blades (Pack of 6) Only £14.69 @ Amazon

Found 30th Jan 2011
These are sold as for manual, but work with both Manual and Power variants. Works out £2.45/Blade.
I have used these, and they are much more comfortable than cheaper alternatives and the older Fusion Razor.
Looks like a cheap option for those looking for these new blades.
You don't need to buy the new Razor, these will just clip onto any existing Fusion Razor.


As cold as a penguins ring !…31/

You needed to check this before posting your deal. Would have saved you few negative ratings

They really are getting carried away with the pricing. I won't vote till I have tried them to see if they are worth anywhere near this price. I have started using King of Shaves blade and gel and it is very good and much much cheaper.

They are just taking the p1ss! i'm not going to pay ~THAT amount of eoney for a disposable razor blade.
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