Gillette Fusion proglide power razor. £2.50 wilko

Gillette Fusion proglide power razor. £2.50 wilko

Found 1st Aug 2017
Found it in wilkos in Burton on Trent. Reduced to £2.50 from £5. On the reduction shelf. They was loads left thought not bad for a razor with one blade since they normally sell for £10. If you get 4 razors it works out cheaper than buying a pack of 4 blades.
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Could you give us a proper link to the deal? Thanks.

This is the main link from the Wilko website but does show your product?…ion
Not reduced in my local Wilko. Good price but it'll be a wild goose chase.
It's store specific. If they don't stock an item they reduce it rather than send back to warehouse
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