Gillette Fusion Razor + 4 Blades (5 Blades Total) £7 @ Asda

Gillette Fusion Razor + 4 Blades (5 Blades Total) £7 @ Asda

Found 13th Jul 2010
The Gillette Fusion value pack with razor (including 1 blade) and 4 additional blades is down from £10 to £7 at ASDA.

Not sure if Nationwide - but there was a shelf edge label rather than a reduced label.

These were in two places in my local store (Longwell Green, Bristol). In the toiletaries aisle they were priced at £7. In the seasonal aisle at front of store they were still priced at £10. BUT, definitely scanned at £7.00.

Took a quick picture on the mobile.


I am down in north Glasgow this morning and this was still £10 in Asda Bearsden

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Ok, was back in a different ASDA last night (Cribbs Causeway, Bristol).

The £10 packs are the Power version - these are down from £20.

The £7 pack is sheleved in the normal toiletaries aisle (although not with the razors) and is a 'Value Pack' Contains the manual razor with 1 blade, and 4 spare blades.
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