gillette fusion stealth pack - £9.99 in-store @ Boots
gillette fusion stealth pack - £9.99 in-store @ Boots

gillette fusion stealth pack - £9.99 in-store @ Boots

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Boots have got a fusion stealth pack reduced from £19.99 to £9.99 instore. This includes the razor with blade, 4 pack of Blades, shaving gel and aftershave balm.
When bought separately:
Razor £9.99
Blades £8.99
Shave gel £3.99
Aftershave balm £1.59
This is a great saving, I only went in for some blades which would have cost me £8.99 anyway and I ended up getting the other 3 items for only £1 more.


That got hot without many comments I've added the image, and the price and retailer name to the thread title.... please try to include these. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.

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Was £13.32 in my local boots this morning.


Was £13.32 in my local boots this morning.

Still a good price

how much better is the fusion stealth than the mach 3 turbo? Is it worth the 'upgrade' ?!

Yeah, £13.32 in Edinburgh Craigleith store. Woman I asked said it was coming on offer, said they had loads of them with promotional stuff upstairs. But did not say when. From what she said offers are only for several days, so it might be a tight one to catch. Still they might also drop the web price. if they do the stores will probably have the same offer.

Is this the battery powered one ?

The non-battery one was 1/2 price in Superdrug last week and came with 2 blades.

Its the battery powered model. The name power on the product refers i think to the battery model. as the other fusion is just plain old fusion. Superdrug had the power version with battery on offer for £4.99 some time ago, only 1 blade though. Others have had it on offer to. When so many retailers have an item on offer, it is usually a manufacturers special to drive demand. They can give the razors away because the blades are expensive so they make their cash from them. I'm sure asda had the power razor with gel for £4.99 few weeks ago. I seen it when i was in the Edinburgh store. Could not say if its still on special though.The boots deal when it hits £9.99 on web and stores is brillant. Great for christmas presents as well.


Was £13.32 in my local boots this morning.

Yes same price in the Cannock Boots. Originally £19.99 with 1/3 off.

Went into Truro Boots at lunchtime but it's still £19.99 in ours. :x

13.32 in Hamilton, good deal, makes a good gift, picked up last, thanks!!!

nice price

13.32 on Oxford Street. The manual pack is 9.99 and includes 2 blades plus the gel and aftershave as mentioned above... was that the deal??

Still 19.99 in Shrewsbury

£13.32 bury i work there

Damn - I brought a new one of these razors a week ago for a tenner! They are awesome though - How did we ever survive with one blade? lol

Thanks for this and welcome :thumbsup:

Was £9.99 in Erdington Boots Store, However looking on the display it seemed like the offer date was from around 30.11.06 to 6.12.06

There was two different ones in the Boots store today, the one with the black wash bag was £9.99 and the boxed one was £13.32. A pack of 4 blades was £7.99 so worth buying.

I did manage to get the boxed version, however they did originally charge me £13.32, but refunded the £3.33 difference.

refunded diff for me too - advertising error - boots removed advert @ walsall branch while i was there but they did not honor deal.

whoops - i mean they did honour deal (sorry ;-) )

TESCO take note - boots have top customer service !!!

£13.32 in Boots Harbourne Birmingham. Did not push the two young girls on the till, but they did say to me that a few peiole had been in saying this should be £9.99 but they did not know where th einformation had come from. I told them the power of the internet!!!!!

Anyone tried at the Fort Birmingham as after one of these for my mums husband for xmas. Thanks in advance.

In Boots Ayr store the display shows two prices £9.99 for the bag with the manual razor pack an £13.32 for the Stealth with the razor and blades, both packs had the gel and balm

The display was pretty clear about the prices in that store
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