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Posted 30 September 2023

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor + 12 Razor Blade Refills, 3 Blades for a Smooth Shave, Fits All Mach3 Handles (£15.55/£13.91 Subscribe & Save)

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About this item
  • A classic close shave: 3-bladed men’s razor that gives you a close shave without the fuss
  • 1 blade = 15 shaves: get up to 15 shaves from each Gillette Mach3 razor blade
  • Reduced shaving irritation: 3-blade razor with an improved lubrication strip for an extra glide* (*vs previous Mach3)
  • Sleek design: featuring a premium stainless steel razor handle
  • Pairs perfectly with Gillette’s Series shave gel for more protection from shaving irritation* (* vs no shave gel)

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  1. tryn2help's avatar
    Still my preferred razor after all these years.
    Tried a lot of the newer ones but the Mach 3 is still the best.
    This is a great price for razor and blades, and if you do as I do and sharpen blades on jeans they easily last for months.
    Good find Op and heat added.
    Romalat's avatar
    100%! I've even tried Amazon's Solimo brand, complete rubbish. Nothing beats the good old Gillette Mach 3.
  2. Muig1972's avatar
    These are still the best a man can get

    One of the best things about them is they're easy to rinse out and declog, something that can't be said for the various rival cartridges I've tried over the years.
  3. subbafer's avatar
    Still no
  4. Mackem-in-boro's avatar
    A great shave with the Mach 3.
  5. MarkThisDay's avatar
    Get a razor pit
  6. feckineejit's avatar
    Cheers op ordered
  7. sean.carroll7jz's avatar
    Great find ordered thank you
  8. GaryCrossan's avatar
    A legendary piece of kit. Best razor 🪒 ever.
  9. Heetz55's avatar
    Hi. Thanks, great deal and ordered. But I think blades not as great as they once were.
    BlackAdam's avatar
    That’s with everything my friend
  10. Heetz55's avatar
    Hi. A good offer. But on buy, 24 blades for 8.76. However, I dont know ofvgenune Mach 3 blades.
    olbasoil's avatar
    Can you post a link? Since Wilkos have gone, I'm stuck for Mach 3 compatible blades at a reasonable price.
  11. Heetz55's avatar
    jklondon's avatar
    Yea not original, claims to be compatible ('For') - might be OK but not sure its worth it.
  12. fessybear's avatar
    Was my go to razor before I was gifted a Harry's blade last Xmas.
    Safe to say I haven't used a Gillette since, I get a phenomenal shave with Harry's, and they stay sharper for longer imo.
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