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Posted 20 September 2022

Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel for Men, 200 ml £1.30 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Decent price, and S&S available too!

  • Triple action: Hydrates, protects and refreshes
  • Shave gel for sensitive skin with aloe
  • Hydrates to soften hair
  • Lightly fragranced to refresh
  • Apply with slow circular motions to cover all the areas you shave

Hope it helps someone
Amazon More details at Amazon
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Cheers op
Info added by @MrSwitch

  • Gillette Series helps protect sensitive skin from the signs of shaving irritation.
  • Gillette Series’ formula offers a comfortable, clean, and effortless shave.
  • Gillette Series helps razors glide smoothly and comfortably.

Product Description
The lightly fragranced for sensitive skin comfort gel formula lathers quickly, spreads easily and reduces friction and irritation. It hydrates, protects and refreshes. Use slow circular motions to cover all the areas you shave. If you have sensitive skin, let the shave gel soak in for as long as possible, this softens your hair even more and helps further lessen the effort needed to remove it.

Below is a list of Amazon Free Trials that may be handy, including free prime trials.

Free trials may be for selected accounts / new customers only, please check the T&Cs and take note of any additional costs after the free trial period
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    Great price, price matching Wilko for those without prime.
  2. Avatar
    Buy a cheap Wilkinson Sword shaving brush and a little stick of shave soap like Palmolive. For a tiny bit more effort (which actually becomes enjoyable) they give an infinitely better shave and cost a fraction of the price of this shaving foam. Much better for the environment than repeatedly buying disposable aerosol cans too.

    The brush costs £4.25 and the soap stick 75p from Wilkos. They'll last for AGES.
  3. Avatar
    Terrible shaving gel i find it give me a alergic rash also it might be just me but i find them smell a funny moxic odour .
    It's just you

    I find Gillette sensitive range just fine
  4. Avatar
    Great price
    Gel much kinder much softer and better for your skin than foam
  5. Avatar
    Good price for this, but shaving soap is far better.
    Shaving cream that most people use for de shaving is best but costs a bit more

    People should try to switch to de shaving if you want something that’s a lot cheaper , more natural, slightly better for the environment and gives a miles better shave

    reckon it costs about

    £20 up front cost and £10 a year with de. The only big cost is the cream or soap, I use decent stuff. Blades last several days but cost under 10p each

    £10 up front and £100 a year for cartridge ones. Big cost is the cartridges, which are ridiculously overpriced, 3 blades costs the same as about 300 de blades

    De shaving is easy. It is easier to get the odd nick than cartridges but just don’t press and use short strikes and let the weight of the de shaver glide over your face (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Somehow 97p for me?!
  7. Avatar
    £1.48 in Superdrug today
  8. Avatar
    £1.11 with S&S. Thanks OP
    No prob mate
  9. Avatar
    Thanks OP!
    You're welcome
  10. Avatar
    Good buy at that price. Currently £3 in Morrisons. Always handy to have a spare one in the cupboard
  11. Avatar
    How is everyone getting the option for s&s as it's not showing for me. I've logged in to double check but no option there. I buy regularly on s&s
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    Beta Males only, not real Men.
    Glad you pointed that out I was just about to click buy.
  14. Avatar
    As a man, you can do better than Gillette 👌
  15. Avatar
    Great deal! Wanna try this instead of foam. Thank you!
  16. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Was going to buy for my cats but most prefer whiskers
  17. Avatar
    Bought! Phew that was a close shave!
  18. Avatar
    Dispatched in one to two months…?
    Yep, but still available to order. Usually comes sooner from my experience
  19. Avatar
    Grow a nice beard waiting 2 months for this!
    S&S expired too. (edited)
  20. Avatar
    I ordered it last time and waited 2 months before cancelling. The delivery date keeps getting pushed back.
    Perhaps try reordering, Amazon usually delivers very fast for me
  21. Avatar
    Thanks 90p on s&s for me
  22. Avatar
    You don't need Prime to get free delivery on S&S. Or at least, I get free delivery (no Prime for me). But when I tried recently to order S&S items on other family (genuine) Amazon a/cs - it was the Dettol antibacterial soap bars - Amazon wanted to charge them postage, for me it was free as usual.

    Does anybody understand when you get free delivery on S&S and when you don't?
    I'm not sure.. But I think if you had a free prime trial and did a s&s during that, then it might continue to be free.
  23. Avatar
    Amazon clearly says "usually despatched within 1 to 2 months" !!!
  24. Avatar
    No S&S option for me?
    Think Amazon have gotten rid of it, still not bad at £1.30
  25. Avatar
    Gillette? Cold! Sorry op
    No hard feelings mate