Gillette sets 1/3 off and another 1/3 off @ Boots
Gillette sets 1/3 off and another 1/3 off @ Boots

Gillette sets 1/3 off and another 1/3 off @ Boots

Just managed to get on boots site got on earlier and got all my stuff. but just managed to get on again and noticed the gillette sets these show up as 1/3 off but when you go to checkout they take another 1/3 off. Got all my blades for a few years. Hurry up and fill your boots if you can get on site.


Cant get onto website

website getting closed down, on phone to them now.....

Can't seem to get on the site

lol, glad I got all my bargains this morning

Adidas Team Force Scarf Set £2.94
Trevor Sorbie Mg Active Kit Bag £3.67
No7 Eye & Brow Kit £4.89
Trevor Sorbie Mg Travel Essentials £4.89
FCUK Grooming Urban Premium Gift Set £12.24
All 75% off. It has some advantages starting work and being on the net at 7am

Good luck guys I hope you get a bargain !

whats the tellphone number?

whats happenning with the site?

r they gona have it working again?

It's just like their big 75% off sale all over again. I don't think I can go through all that again for a few blades. lol

was it the blades alone or gift sets

is this instore as well.

terrible boots.com:x

If our IT ran like this at work staff would be fired! Boots need to rethink drastically!

Truly useless website...they need to pull their finger out or will end up down the pan, can't take e-custom for granted these days.

Site's back up and everything reduced is out of stock!

yeah I noticed that, funny eh?

these gillette sets are all OOS now ...
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