Gillette Vector Plus Shaver with 3 Blade Sets 2.30 FREE DELIVERY!

Gillette Vector Plus Shaver with 3 Blade Sets 2.30 FREE DELIVERY!

Found 25th Jan 2008
I think this is a great price with 3 blades. As its from the US can take up to 2 weeks to arrive (or be as quick as 1 week), so your beard might be quite long...., I'm BFPO so it takes a little longer.

- Pivoting twin blades
- Holder accepts all blades of Gillette series
- Non-slip grip
- Lubricating strip for superior smoothness and comfort
- Easy to clean
- With nice package (Deal Extreme description :-) )

Used Deal Extreme loads and they pretty good. Not always the best quality, but reading the feedback on this shaver, customers in the US seem very happy.

I got loads of other gadgets while I was shopping, from breathaliser to nose hair trimmers. Mmm, what does that say about me? A hairy drunk! Not always the best quality stuff, but goodness what DEALS!

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I've bought from Deal Extreme several times, i have found them to be very reasonable, with good quality products. There delivery can take some time as it is delivered from hong kong, especially with the chinese new year. If its Gillette its going to be good qulaity, and its a great price, just be prepared to wait for the item.

I've only ever had to wait up to 3 weeks for delivery though.

Voted hot as good deal!
I didn't realise they were from HK. Still, the feedback is very good and I have confidence in DE, so I'm happy with my little bargain. I have changed the estimated delivery time based on the advice here. I have to wait a little longer as I'm BFPO.

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