Gillette venus & olay razor - £3.99 instore @ Savers

Gillette venus & olay razor - £3.99 instore @ Savers

Found 25th Aug 2013
Gillette Venus&olay women's razor £3.99. Boots are selling this at the moment on supposed offer for £5.99.
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Asda are doing them with 5 blades £4.00 or 3 for £10
5 blades doesn't mean 5 individual shavers. It means the razor has 5 blades on it So same deal really. 3 for 10 seems quite good though.
Yeh, they always have new razors out, and then lower the price eventually, i still have my little pink gilette venus original. the blades for any variety at expensive, its about £6 for 4 blades, which i dont think keep sharp anymore. oh and any razor head from the range fits any handle, i usually buy any of the cheap blades and they fit on my original handle,
Great deal I wanted to try this one- hot!!! No idea why its cold to be honest....
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