gilly hicks knickers down to £2.99 and bras down to £15

gilly hicks knickers down to £2.99 and bras down to £15

Found 1st Jan 2014
Before you vote cold as this could be seen as expensive for underwear, it's now a good offer. The knickers normally sell for at least £ 10 alone. There's loads of different designs and colours on sale. Had a whole room full in the store in bluewater. There's also a special offer, 30% off everything in store and online excluding gift cards
£5 shipping on all orders!
- choc1969


It's always good seeing knickers go down!!!
Hot from me

Love the name ,cheeky range. hot from me.

Thanks! £130 later

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Thanks for adding the picture and link

"Get them gilly hicks off"

Got a ring to it X)

Thanks, been looking for some nice new knickers but I object to them being called 'undies'. I discovered La Senza are now calling them 'panties' which is both American and creepy. I refuse to shop there on principle, lol. Heat added.

is it just me or are the bras all 14.99?

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Yes the website does show £14.99 so I'll change the title.

Ill need to see pictures of these modelled before I can vote hot.

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Lol didn't know these knickers would get so hot. Lol

Loving the title "knickers down" Heh! Heh!

Who is Gilly Hicks ?

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Mmmm surprised by the lack of knicker jokes on the thread.


Who is Gilly Hicks ?


Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc.
6301 Fitch Path
New Albany, Ohio 43054 US

00800 2232 7624 or +1 614 219 5072

Registration Number: 52683346
VAT ID Number: NL 850551043B01
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