ginger fox biscuits £0.25 @ Sainsburys

ginger fox biscuits £0.25 @ Sainsburys

Found 5th May 2011Made hot 6th May 2011
hi all i was in sainsburys yesterday and found most of the fox biscuits where knocked down costs.
i found the last 2 packs of ginger biscuits for just 25p each.
i think the rest where 37p each but there was not Manny let of any of them lol.
im not sure if this would be all stores.
and i don't know if its on line.
i was in the purley way store


Oh noooooooo I have to resist but what a bargain.

Nom nom X)

will check this out tomorrow, hot if they're only 25p though.

ginger biscuits in one hand bar of chocolate in the other.
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