Ginsters Pasties 87P!!
Ginsters Pasties 87P!!

Ginsters Pasties 87P!!

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Nice hot or cold and perfect for school/work especialy if there is a microwave handy aswell in your workplace or in my case 6th form common room.

Been to 2 stores in my local area and both had all varieties for 87P plus the bigger cornish pasties for £1.

Not sure on the end date sorry.


Pronounced "Jinsters".

Eat a proper cornish pasty & you will see these for the **ite they are.



Eat a proper cornish pasty & you will see these for the **ite they are.




and i will second that motion

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like them or not it is still a good price.

PS3 is god aweful yet if they are £200 its a great deal. Thats what this site is about, finding deals on products for people who like the products.

And forget the cornish pasties, try the spicy chicken ones.

My childs school would complain if I sent him in with one of these. I don't think the carrot chunks count as his five a day!
Good price - just not for school!

If you actually eat this ****, you're clinically dead.


Me and the girlfriend were in Cornwall recently. had some "real" Cornish pasties they didn't have any bloody meat in them was all air and pastry!

You probably visited WC Rowe, which are infact Polish Pasties.

Offer has been mentioned in posts before, and is finished tomorrow!
Finishes 28th!
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