Gioteck Controller skin for Xbox one only £5 @ Poundland (Glasgow)

Gioteck Controller skin for Xbox one only £5 @ Poundland (Glasgow)

LocalFound 15th Feb
Wireless Controller for Xbox one only 5 pound
In argyle street Poundland shop Glasgow
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It clearly says “skin” on the box
I think its just a Skin for the Controller and not an actual controller with a small battery pack
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Is a controller skin for existing pads to make them look fancy. Not a wireless controller, sorry.
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It’s a skin not the actual pad
Is this not just a Skin?
It's a plastic casing. Not a controller...
Do not buy. Had one of these before and the case doesn't fit properly and it's very uncomfortable. Strange really considering the PS4 version is perfect. Can see why they're in Poundland
It’s built in battery I think it’s controller I didn’t open it yesterday and there is another one controller down to the shelf with 3 meter cable
Please someone go to confirm it
I think these are for the (original) pre-Xb1 s controllers. They had the plain black ones in just after Christmas.
Assuming this is the same as the ones in Dundee, it's a power skin - so a plastic sleeve for XB1 controllers, with a rechargeable battery. In Dundee, they also had the rechargeable battery pack with long Micro USB cable - so the equivalent of the official Play and Charge kit.
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I got one in Tesco same price on clearance, they are nasty! Does not fit an official Xbox One Controller.
true on the comments about ugly fit... feels weird and yes a battery pack is included on the back plate.
still not worth a fiver
These Gioteck "Power" controller skins may have only been designed for the original (2013-2016) XB1 controllers, whereas, with the introduction of both the XB1 S (2016) & X (2017) consoles the controllers were slightly modified to be smaller, lighter & overall less bulky, so maybe that's why they don't fit properly?
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Can someone tell me if PoundLand are still selling Gioteck stuff, & if there only selling them in there big sized branches?
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