Gioteck LED Stagelight @ Smyths Toy Store

Gioteck LED Stagelight @ Smyths Toy Store

Found 26th Feb 2010
Absolute bargain great being used with rock band or guitar hero espically at our youth club with it being on the projector, the label on the box says £19.99 down to £14.99 but when scanned through it comes up at £4.99.

Next cheapest price seems to be at Maplins at £19.99 and thats not including delivery costs.

Can post a picture of receipt later as proof but currently in college at the moment, was lots left yesterday in the Ballymena store assuming that cause it still says £14.99, not sure if nationwide can only assume that it is as it's been updated on the companies system.


Link gives - "Sorry, this product is currently unavailable." - expired?

cool i have just put mine by to collect later:-D:- thanks !

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Sorry I was meant to put the post as instore only unsure on online I assume if you reserve online once scanned it will do the same thing.

Shame no Smyths anywhere near this area! Good deal though =]
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