Gioteck Playstation 3(PS3) Online essentials kit £14.99

Gioteck Playstation 3(PS3) Online essentials kit £14.99 [email protected]

Found 5th Apr 2010
An excellent little bundle. A Bluetooth headset, Triggers for your PS3 controller, and a HDMI lead for HD gaming.

Cashback availabe through the usual sites.

* EX-01 Headset for PS3:The EX-01 Wireless Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, not mobile phones.So you can now maximise your game time without an irritating, uncomfortable earpiece, and still hear your opponent creeping up behind you! Not only is the EX-01 one of the most comfortable gaming headsets, its also easily paired to your PS3 and intuitively controlled via the ergonomic volume and mute buttons. We've even added reversible earhooks, so you can choose which side to wear it.

* RealTriggers for PS3 - Non-slip Trigger Enhancement for Gamepad: How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2, and always at a crucial moment in the game? RealTriggers put a stop to that happening ever again! Simply put.. if you use a PS3 Controller, and you're serious about your gaming, you should be using these!

* XC3-HQ HDMI Cable for PS3 - 1.8 Metre 1080P High Quality Transfer: Our bespoke cable designed from the ground up, bringing optimal picture quality & sound with true HD signal up to 1080P.


Damn I paid 29.99 for this at gamestation on friday!!

Had the EX-01 Headset for ages, never realised you could mute it. Just checked on their website, if you just press the on/off button it mutes! Should teach me to read the instructions.

Also I'm a big fan of the real triggers, especially for games where you have to hold down the L2 or R2 buttons, like driving games.

If you have need all 3 items, then I'd say Hot
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