Girls Necklace - Was £12 Now 50p Instore @ BHS

Girls Necklace - Was £12 Now 50p Instore @ BHS

Found 18th Mar 2011
This will most probably be the most vague post because I don't have that much info on it but basically my mum wanted to buy my little sister this necklace from BHS. Its a necklace which has a small guitar as a pendant and a clock in the middle. It was priced at £12 but when she got to the till it was 50p! She went back today and they still have lots of them. They are all still marked at £12 but when you get to the till they still go through at 50p. This was in Trafford Centre, don't know if its nationwide and if its a mistake by them or not.

Sorry I don't have pics or proof but I thought I'd let everyone know as they are really nice gifts for such a cheap price. I can't find the necklace online but I will try and get a picture up soon.
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Sounds like a corking deal your mum got. Would be great if it was countrywide.

Where bouts in the store was it, I might take a trip there now.
Sounds like a good deal if you can manage to find any
wow..great price mate
my mum said they keep moving them around, last time she went they were displayed above some shoes. Ask a member of staff, thats what she did and they still had loads left...
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