Give your special one a Valentine's day back massage!

Give your special one a Valentine's day back massage!

Found 12th Feb 2018
So, my special ladyfriend (Poppy) suffers with tension backache - she is continually trying to reach around to rub out those irritating bumps...

Now, being the utter love-chariot that I am, I get my balls out and try to sort her out the good old fashioned way - but to my surprise my technique isn't what it used to be (ex masseuse at large here).

No matter how soft, hard, stern or sweet I go, I can never seem to get to grips with the pesky little knot that is giving her so much irritation.

Then I found this...

The rechargeable 10x speed back massager.

No more getting my balls out, no more elbows and knees for me, no more finger pain.

It has a soft flexible head with deep soothing vibrations that helps relieve tension, is USB Rechargeable(Charging time:3 Hours, Duration time: 60 to 80min) and above all, ULTRA POWERFUL!!!

Guys, Gals - thank me later!

Just a few things here for you to mull over:

is this very loud ? as in the neighbours can hear it?
It depends how thin your walls are, but the wand isn't loud, however the user may be ;-)
By R. Knight on 11 July 2016

Liam Snowdon
5.0 out of 5 starsGreat to use on your partner
25 July 2017Verified Purchase
Girlfriend Loves it

A must have
Suzanne V.on 3 December 2016
Verified Purchase
This want is brilliant I couldn't put it down.

Don't shake hands with any fragile people, you'll shake for hours after using this !!!
ByAmazon Customeron 3 March 2017
Verified Purchase
Can't get my wife off it !
I'm male and I've tried it!

One Star
BySamanthaon 1 July 2017
Verified Purchase
Broke after a few weeks

(Shauno1 - I personally think that this is a good review)

Doctor recommended!
ByAmazon Customeron 16 January 2016
Verified Purchase
My doctor recommended !!!! Muscle spasms excellent.

Great value for money!
ByKindle Customeron 30 June 2016
Verified Purchase
This is a bargain! It's a bit bigger than I expected, and the head is slightly too large to make direct contact with the intended area, HOWEVER... It works great and had the desired effect. It had the "desired effect" in 10 minutes flat and thats very unusual for me.

Happy with purchase
Byi_c90on 9 July 2016
Verified Purchase
So my first reaction was WOW look at the size of the head haha! Anyway don't let the size scare you :P Different speeds/pulses, I like using it for head massage, on my feet, neck etc just wherever feels good. I like that it has a nice pink bag to keep it safe. My only criticism is I would of liked a longer cord but no big deal as I can use an extension cord

ByStellawoo72on 9 July 2014
Verified Purchase
Really good results when combined with the humming bird, brought some good times

(Shauno1 - Not sure what a humming bird is, but my bird hummed for a long time with this).

One Star
ByAmazon Customeron 7 February 2017

Crap for mixing paint

Please note: My lover now likes to lock herself in our room to do her back by herself - not sure why, but may be worth noting that this can become addictive...
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