Giveaway of the Day - Remote Control PC - FREE - RRP$48.95

Giveaway of the Day - Remote Control PC - FREE - RRP$48.95

Found 27th Jul 2009
"Remote Control PC is a remote control software, that allows you to control a remote PC over LAN or Internet.

The program displays the remote computer's desktop on your local screen and lets you use your mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely. In other words, with this program you can operate a remote PC just as if you were sitting in front of it, right from where you are, no matter where you actually are.

The built-in File Transfer feature provides an easy way to transfer files to and from a remote computer.

Remote Control PC is so fast and natural that you can at some stage forget that you are working on a remote PC!"

inb4 list of free alternatives, just providing a heads up.


how safe is this pprogram and do ou need to downlaod it to both computers

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it has 128 bit encryption apparently so its more secure than the free alternatives apparently and yes you need to download it to both PCs which is a bit of a pain.

how does this differ from permanently free software like ]logmein?


how does this differ from permanently free software like ]logmein?

Or real VNC for that matter.…cgi

Not to mention that most windows based PCs can do this via remote desktop anyway.

Sorry but voting cold


how does this differ from permanently free software like ]logmein?

+1 logmein is awesome

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i have used logmein but it doesnt work if you trying to access it via a connection that has the port blocked (like most places of work).
This one however does for me which is good.
Admittedly this is no better than the free alternatives but its always useful to try out new software.
I hope the people who have commented have actually tried the software posting.

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The publisher has posted this on the site in response to the comments, not sure if it will answers anyone's questions:
Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for your testing of our software Remote Control
PC and we are grateful for your time and feedbacks.

As we see there are several questions you would like to have answers
at and also there are several comparison with other freeware product.

Let us clarify several moments:

1) Free software for non-commercial usage.

Yes, it is absolutely free for all those who want to control their
Hosme PCs, to monitor their children, etc. (read post #41)

The registration key is provided for a time-limited period, but you
may always find a new registration key at our website:…tml

to post # 34
>>>Guess we have to hope they will continue to provide it free.
Yes, Direct Connection Plan will be provided for free.

>>>Can anyone from confirm that this is the case
Yes, we confirm we will provide all individual users with new
Registration Keys.

2) to post #12
>>>If so, please explain why would anyone pay $48.95, when better programs are available for free such as TeamViewer and all the VNC-variants?

Our product is available for free too (Direct Connection Plan) and it
is similar to or even better than mentioned products. We are talking
about connection to remote PC vi IP address.

The price of $48 is going to be paid for Account Connection service,
which is not obligatory. If you don’t need it – don’t use it. No one
will force you to pay for the stuff you don’t need. Who found’s it
really helpful – that person should pay for the service. Nowhere in
the world (and in the Internet as well) you will not find any free
analog of Account Connection service for commercial usage.

3) Difference of Remote Control PC from another similar products:

Remote Control PC Direct Plan Vs Microsoft RDP

Remote Control PC has a convenient and fast file-transfer feature to
exchange files between PCs. There is Scale to fit option in Remote
Desktop Screen. More convenient interface, Address Book.
Microsoft RDP is not included into several Windows OS versions (home edition…)

Our paid Account Connection service can perform those things, that
Microsoft RDP is simply unable to perform (bypass routers, dynamic IP
addresses, etc), perform remote control without a necessity to
install the Host module (special support link may be generated).

Remote Control PC Vs VNC

VNC doesn’t encrypt the traffic between PCs.
Our software perform that using 128 bit algorithm.
Remote Control PC has more convenient interface, easy to use, remote
installation feature (which is absent in VNC) allows to install the
software on a remote PC without visiting it physically.

Paid version of Remote Control PC has Account Connection feature with
all its benefits.

Thank you for your attention
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