Giving Nation TV Challenge - Free £50 for school kids to start a social project
Giving Nation TV Challenge - Free £50 for school kids to start a social project

Giving Nation TV Challenge - Free £50 for school kids to start a social project

My cousin is entering this and has started a wee business with some friends! They are making money, but they started with £50 and dont need to pay it back if they fail. She gets to help a good cause, learn about business and keep her profit.

Watch the video to see how it works.

"We provide your class with £50 to simulate forming a charity or a social enterprise. Your teacher gets free curriculum material. You provide the creativity....
The programme is designed to deepen students' understanding of the role and value of UK charities while maintaining all the benefits of charitable support in the school environment

It also takes students through the processes of forming a mini-charity or mini-social enterprise.

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Just thought I'd add something here for benefit of all. £50 doesn't really get you anywhere these days ...

There are places with better funding opportunities eg, the Youth Opportunity Fund. I saw a few successful youth projects in Camden (incl. an ethnic cooking project, a bike safety project) being celebrated at a local event. Basically if you have an idea and apply with a workable budget you might get up to the amount you ask for. Look out for the application rounds dateline, this fund has been going on for awhile so the pot of money will not last long.

This was the event, I believe there is a nationwide version as well.

Check this site out and skim through to get an idea of the scheme. A word of caution though, every borough has its own different implementation however : some are successful and some are the same red-tape process as before, again adult councillors deciding what's important for youths. Sometimes the scheme is not announced by the local council to the public either. So check with your local area for more info.

Parents left that event thinking what a brilliant idea to get the kids to get involved and own their own projects by applying for funding up to completion. The judging panel is set up by young people too.
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