Gizoo. Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker £14.95 Del 2.95 (free if £30)
Gizoo. Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker £14.95 Del 2.95 (free if £30)

Gizoo. Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker £14.95 Del 2.95 (free if £30)

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OK my last deal from Gizoo's sale (no I don't have any association with them).

Posting this not only because of the novelty gift value but also because I know it is ideal for those with children and especially those special needs children that benefit from light activated gadgets.

Main Features
Rainbow Maker attaches easily to any window with its suction cup
A genuine Swarovski Crystal rotates and refracts sunlight to create rainbows and spectrums
(Sunlight not provided!)
Sing a Rainbow with the magical Rainbow Maker!
Create rainbows in your own home with the solar-powered Rainbow Maker. Simply stick the Rainbow Maker to a window that receives direct sunlight using the suction cup provided, then watch as the built in solar panel begins to power the motor, which in turn rotates the real Swarovski Crystal underneath to create rainbow colours that dance across the room.

Now for the science! Sunlight is made up from a multitude of colours. Refracting sunlight through a crystal will split the light into its component colours making them visible to the human eye. And you won't believe your eyes as it creates mini 'rainbows' that dance across the room.

Rainbow Maker - No Rain Required!
No rain is required to create a magical display of light with the Rainbow Maker! So, now you can appreciate the beauty of the colours of the rainbow without having to endure a downpour! The Rainbow Maker is a unique solar-powered device that will make the most of the sunlight, cascading a rainbow of colour around your room. It's never been easier to spread a little happiness and brighten up an otherwise dreary day.

A dazzling swirl of rainbow crystals that produce beautiful colours will lift your spirits, making you feel as though you're in a psychedelic disco. The Rainbow Maker is the perfect decorative ornament for bringing positive Feng Shui into your home or business, but unfortunately, we can't promise you'll find a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!

Product Dimensions: (H) 10.6cm x (W) 7.8cm x (D) 2.5cm
Box Dimensions: (H) 11.5cm x (W) 9cm x (D) 3cm
Package Weight: 243g

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