Glacéau Smartwater 12 x 600ml £3.00 + £2.99 Delivery  "Prime Only" (Amazon pantry)

Glacéau Smartwater 12 x 600ml £3.00 + £2.99 Delivery "Prime Only" (Amazon pantry)

Found 13th Sep 2016
So, this deal is prime only, and here is what you need to know. To get these items (Amazon Pantry) you need to fill baskets, and these baskets cost money. A delivery fee of £2.99 for the first Amazon Pantry box and 99p for each additional box in the same order. Effectively, you are paying around £4.13 per 12 bottle pack for your first three packs in an order and then around £3.38 per 12 bottle pack for every pack you purchase from then on in the same order, however if you decide to do two orders, then youre effectively buying 6 packs for £4.13 and then £3.38 for further packs, its confusing to put on hotukdeals, but this is a great deal and better than what youll find in the supermarkets. I think the only place ive found competition with this, is in Costco.
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for anyone that doesn't want to buy loads these are £3.49 in asda.
Coal to Newcastle comes to mind. It's basically tap water that s been filtered.
Smart water my a**e! It's water, just like that comes out of your tap at home! Do the world a favour. Get a refillable bottle and fill it up at home or even at work!
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