Glade Scented Candle Honey & Chocolate + Others £1.50 @Sainsbury's

Glade Scented Candle Honey & Chocolate + Others £1.50 @Sainsbury's

Found 5th Nov 2010
Half Price Was £3 - These last up to 30 Hours !!!

Glade Candle, Honey & Chocolate -
The sweet combination of honey with a hint of fine chocolate makes the Glade® Honey & Chocolate candle an essential accessory for a cosy evening.

Glade Candle, Spiced Apple -
With the fragrance of Spiced Apple, enjoy a magical blend of winter spices with cinnamon and juicy apple to bring a warm and festive atmosphere to your home.

Glade Candle, Enchanting Night -
A warm bland of oriental and floral tones to create a mystical atmosphere in your home.

Glade Candle, Relaxing Zen -
A contemporary mix of delicate white flowers and soft notes of watery fruits for calm, relaxing moments.

Glade Candle, With Love -
A rich floral bouquet of sensual jasmine blended with soft fruity notes.

Glade Clandle, Glistening Snow (Christmas) -
With the fragrance of Glistening Snow, enjoy the spiced freshness of fresh-cut needle and spruce blended with notes of berries, cinnamon and orange peel. Let yourself escape into a festive spirit!
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wouldn't say 30 hours!
Honey Choc one smells nicest though
I did put up to which is what glade say, because it will depend on the environmental conditions like for instance draughts would make a candle burn faster.
Only £1.47 at Wilkos
rooster00879 is right, they are only £1.47 at Wilkos
I expect the stores have them on sale for the christmas period. Hopefully they will overstock and we can buy them even cheaper in january (dreaming)
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Only £1.47 at Wilkos

Yup can second/third this, bought one at the weekend.

Still, great if you've not got a local Wilcos I guess.
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Thanks, these are nice
They are this price all the time
i only buy them at £1.50 or below

Its a big con really as discount retailers sell them under this price every day
Great deal, but prefer the airwick mulled wine and cinnamon range. also giving away a free candle (worth £3) at the moment. Its been posted on here before but just thought I would chirp in…010
They're price matching what Tescos were doing last week. And they don't smell. And you don't win the Lapland trip.
Might have to pick up a few. Thanks
I brought one of these from Asda at the weekend for £1.50 and my Mum also got one from Tesco yesterday for the same price, I've actually got the honey and chocolate one burning away at the moment and it is lovely, I think I will be picking up a few more at this price when I next do a shop.. Highly reccommended!! x
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