Glade Sense and Spray refill pack 99p at Aldi (Cardiff)

Glade Sense and Spray refill pack 99p at Aldi (Cardiff)

£0.99£3.9975%Aldi Deals
Posted 25th JulLocal
2 pack refill for 99p! These are usually a ridiculous price- I bought a pack for £3.99 at home Bargains a little while back 😩
Saw them in Cardiff, Caerphilly Rd but I think they were reduced in another Aldi as well (sorry my sleep deprived brain can’t remember where!)
Anyway, good to stock up!
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It's reduced from £1.99 not £3.99
always though these were overpriced, concentrated in air-freshener drug-sniffing tube,fun to watch, when you swap it over or leave it around/drop it in front and walk away from certain people
Gollywood25/07/2019 16:23

It's reduced from £1.99 not £3.99

They were £3.99 and then reduced to £1.99 and are now reduced further to 99p. Aldi price labels only show what the last price was before the current price drop and not the original sale price. So when it was reduced to £1.99 it would have showed previous price of £3.99 on label but because they are now reduced further to 99p it will only show previous price as being £1.99.
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