Glade Winter Scented Candles half price @ Tesco £1.50 each

Glade Winter Scented Candles half price @ Tesco £1.50 each

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"Add holiday spirit to your home with decorative jar candles, designed especially for the season"

2nd deal I spotted today in my central Bristol store. Quite a stack of these candles going. Spotted 2 different scents. Picked up the apple one as had no idea what snow smelt of..... wish I had grabbed both now reading the description. Expires 7th Dec so hopefully some left next week.

Spiced Apple: With the fragrance of spiced Apple, enjoy a magical blend of winter spices with cinnamon and juicy apple to bring a warm and festive atmosphere in your home.

Glistening Snow: With the fragrance of Glistening Snow, enjoy the spiced freshness of fresh-cut needle and spruce blended with notes of berries, cinnamon and orange peel. Let yourself escape into a festive spirit!

* thanks to lucerysmum who encouraged me to post this on their dated deal


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oh, just to add the burning time is approx 30hours.
Also the informative info on the box adds they are harmful to aquatic organisms and do not replace good hygiene practices...... thanks Glade!

love these candles Glistening snow is my fave, just reminds me of xmas so much and you can smell them when you pass the room they're lit in.

Hot hot hot
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Same price in Asda as well...

Same price at the Co-operative also picked up a few this afternoon, got them on at the moment whilst sipping some Bailey's
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in wilkison aswell for 1.47

Also same price in Netto

guys, there is a link in freebies to get a voucher for a free mulled wine candle I know it's not glade but also handy…321
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Same price in OneStop

£1.29 in B&M

£1.50 in Sainsburys, Sainsburys also do the febreeze range half price at £3.00, probably cheaper or at the same price in other supermarkets. It lasts three times longer than the Glade ones and definitely smell nicer too.
Someone really should post the febreeze candles.

These are great, I have a spiced apple one at the minute and it just smells gorgeous ^_^

saw these ages ago. bought one.

Picked up the glistening snow one from sainsburys while was grabbing the shopping, decent smell
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