Gladiator: 2xDVD Special Edition £1.00 @ HMV

Gladiator: 2xDVD Special Edition £1.00 @ HMV

Found 8th Feb 2011Made hot 8th Feb 2011
Ridley Scott (BLADE RUNNER, ALIEN) transports Hollywood to second-century Rome in this rousing historical epic that proudly harkens back to such films as BEN-HUR and SPARTACUS. Russell Crowe plays Maximus, a Roman general who leads the troops in conquering Germania for the empire. When an aging Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) tells Maximus that he'd like him to rule Rome once he's gone, a classic confrontation ensues between the brave and charming soldier--who wants to return home to his wife, son, and farm--and the jealous and conniving Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the emperor's only son, who is thirsty for power. Bought as a slave by the profiteering Proximo (Oliver Reed, in his last role), Maximus must kill or be killed in the ring, battling to save not only himself but the future of the very empire that he loves and honors. The film features a terrific battle sequence (that recalls the beginning of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN), huge crowd scenes of thousands of people, and even a little romance, albeit mostly taboo. The impeccably choreographed gladiator scenes are violent yet thrilling, flashing by like lightning. GLADIATOR is a glorious spectacle filled with heart and soul.

despach time approx 2 weeks



Saw this and was about to post a few hours ago and then saw it said "Availability:usually dispatched in 14 to 17 days", which sadly I'm afraid means OOS from vast experience - good if it comes off though

Also saw this yesterday, Ordered. If it dont come through, no biggie.

Have added heat and ordered. If HMV cancel they will feel my wrath in future feedback.

HMV have made some shocking decisions, which is why I avoid them wherever possible.

That said, I quite like that this is such a great bargain as to almost make it more expensive to send out than the price is worth.

It's a fantastic film and that's a really well spotted deal.

take a chance 4 the £

Ordered as it was £1, good deal if they follow through with it.

could this be the new HMV price mistake of the week award?

Ordered and heat added, but I'll be shocked if I actually get it...

Found this yesterday and ordered.

Selfishly I decided not to post it 'til I got a dispatch confirmation. I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

Thanks, seems like a great deal.

ordered 999. thanks OP
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Saw this and was about to post a few hours ago and then saw it said … Saw this and was about to post a few hours ago and then saw it said "Availability:usually dispatched in 14 to 17 days", which sadly I'm afraid means OOS from vast experience - good if it comes off though


I actually spotted this 24 hours ago. I neither posted it here nor ordered one for the simple reason dispatch is 14-17 days. They therefore have 2 weeks to notice what is a misprice IMHO. Under the radar?.... I doubt it.

If it was available for immediate dispatch then it would be worth a punt. As it is, I'll save myself the inevitable cancellation email. Good luck to those taking a punt though.


ordered 999. thanks OP

and we start all over again.. how dare you spoil it for the rest of us. Obviously 1 each and we'd have got them but when people order 999 it spoils it for the rest of us (;-) lol

Who would spend £999 on these? Surley they wont shift?

How much does this sell for usually? It's a good film, but are we not talking £3 normally?
A good price for a quid, but I think it will be a challange to get rid of 998 of them.

Pulled from website now


Pulled from website now

i emailed them asking if the price was legit

Cancelled order email just received due to discontinuation of item as manufacturer is no longer producing it

same here

Cancelled order.
Is it too late to pull the heat down on this? In hindsight, most of us would agree it certainly doesn't deserve it as I'm sure nobody benefited, apart from maybe HMV (from people who may've purchased extra things once they'd already gone to the site to pick up a copy of Gladiator)
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Cancelled too

me too. cancelled, discontinued allegedly

Me too, oh well would have been good if we'd got it.

Mines got cancelled too, was fun seeing if they would have actually gave us it for that price, sadly not

mine was cancelled too
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