Gladiator [Blu-ray] 2 Disc DVD Set - £10.99 at HMV (Part of 2 BluRays for £18 deal at HMV) & Amazon
Gladiator [Blu-ray] 2 Disc DVD Set - £10.99 at HMV (Part of 2 BluRays for £18 deal at HMV) & Amazon

Gladiator [Blu-ray] 2 Disc DVD Set - £10.99 at HMV (Part of 2 BluRays for £18 deal at HMV) & Amazon

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Part of 2 BluRays for £18 deal at HMV

A violent drama set in Roman times under the rule of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Maximus, a Roman general, finds himself caught up in the battle for the throne when the Emperor chooses him over his son Commodus. When Maximus discovers that his family has been slaughtered he allows himself to be captured and thrown into the gladiator games as a slave...

Special Features:
1. Theatrical version
2. Audio commentary by director Ridley Scott, cinematographer John Mathieson and editor Pietro Scalia
3. Deleted scenes - with optional commentary
4. Extended version
5. Introduction by Ridley Scott
6. Audio commentary by director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe
7. U-control features on both theatrical and extended versions
8. The scrolls of knowledge - the original are you not entertained? Trivia track newly enhanced allowing viewers to access a series of new behind-the-scenes featurettes exploring key scenes throughout the film
9. Visions From Elysium: topic marker - a u-control feature that allows disc one viewers to tag moments of interest throughout the entire film, allowing them to create 'shopping lists' of topics to learn more about from the features on disc two
10. Visions From Elysium: topic portal - a u-control feature that automatically accesses further content from tagged moments of interest that have been marked by viewers from disc one
11. Strength and Honour: creating the world of Gladiator - the definitive documentary on the origin, production and impact of this Oscar-winning best picture
12. Tale of the Scribes: story development
13. The Tools of War: weapons
14. Attire of the Realm: costume design
15. The heat of battle: production journals Germania /Zucchabar / Rome
16. Shadows and Dust: Resurrecting Proximo
17. The Glory of Rome: visual effects
18. Echoes in Eternity: release and impact
19. Aurelian archives
20. The making of Gladiator
21. Gladiator Games : the Roman bloodsport
22. Hans Zimmer: scoring Gladiator
23. Maximus uncut: Between the takes with Russell Crowe


I kept clear of this, the HD transfer is dodgy, there is a new version coming out later this year with a new transfer

Whilst this is a good movie, the quality of this blu-ray is no better than an upscaled DVD.
Wait for the new transfer as suggeted by Grantos1 above.

Been in the 2 for £18 on Play.com for months, I stupidly shelled out for the tin edition. New transfer coming out so gutted Voting cold
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