Gladiators Of World War 2 (13 DVD Boxset) - £19.97 delivered

Gladiators Of World War 2 (13 DVD Boxset) - £19.97 delivered

Found 26th Dec 2007
Next best price is around £82!!!

Collected edition of the documentary series looking at some of the most feared fighting units of the Second World War, from the Desert Rats to the Waffen SS. Includes rare, previously unseen archive footage. Episodes are: 'The Desert Rats'; 'The Free Polish Forces'; 'The Special Operations Executive'; 'The Waffen SS'; 'The SAS'; 'RAF Fighter Command'; 'The Paras and Commandos'; 'The Royal Navy'; 'The Free French'; 'The Anzacs'; 'The Chindits'; 'The Norwegian Resistance' and 'The Kamikazes'.


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A fair enough price for a fairly low grade documentary series. Anyone paying £82 needs a good psychiatrist.

Has turned on eBay for £49.99 (Inc P&P) for any speculators out there......

ITEM no. 350005476982 17/12/07

its a good price but i'm sure this series is on the Hitler channel (History) every week

Not sure if I'm allowed to say this or not, so if not please delete. Uwish is owned by a wholesaler called Music Express based in Leeds, now if you go there and are prepared to spend £50 or more, you can get this (and any other uwish items) much cheaper.
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