glamour are giving away free benefit full size lip gloss when you by their magazine

glamour are giving away free benefit full size lip gloss when you by their magazine

LocalFound 5th Jun 2008
Glamour july ad out today are giving away full size benefit lip gloss when you by the magazine , The magazine only cost £2 and the benefit lip gloss are worth around £13 .

There are three colours to choose from
my people , your people - kind of clear with a hint of lilic
didnt here it from me - pinky / orange
who are you wearing - bright pink

I think these colours might have been made for glamour mag but im not sure
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Bargain! I love their lipgloss.
Thanks perfect before i go on my hols!!
brilliant - benefit do some lovely makeup
Does this come with the magazine or do you have to redeem a voucher?
Not bought it yet but it's with the magazine. Tesco have also books of coupons in some stores for 50p off certain magazines and this is one of them.
I was given a subscription to Glamour for Christmas. The magazine and Benefit lip gloss arrived in the post today. It's a lovely colour lipgloss, proper sized one, fantastic value. Only thing is I've had a bit of a reaction to it making my lips sore, very odd. Still, it looked nice on and I'll give it to my friend.
These are definately worth around £13!

Thanks perfect before i go on my hols!!

same! i've never purchased any benefit make up before, might buy a few magazines to give my friends as 'care packages'
I managed to get two copies of Glamour yesterday so got two different colour lip glosses. I have been out and about today and tried to find another copy of Glamour with the third colour but everywhere I went to is completely sold out of Glamour Magazine.

thanks wil get one tomorrow at work :-D
Great find. Heat added
its blatently going to be sold out everywhere but i shall search for one high and low
my eldest subscribes to this magazine and she's had her lip gloss and is raving over it, she loves it!
I got 2 magazines yesterday with 2 different colours! I gave one magazine to a friend (I kept the lipgloss!). Fab deal, magazine was a good read too! Am keeping an eye out today for the third colour.:thumbsup:
Fantastic - thanks for the info.. Despite thinking i wouldn't be able to lay my hands on one come Saturday evening, i found one in Tesco - the bright pink colour! Not exactly the colour i would have chosen buy surpisingly good once on.
Great offer. Not sure i would rush out and buy the magazine normally though.
this came out last week, sold out in liverpool, got the last one from my local shop the other day
when you by their magazine - I.E. NOT FREE
moved to deals.
In Cardiff, it seems that Tesco have stocked up on Glamour magazine as i managed to get the other colours today from my local Tesco (albany road) who had them crammed into the display and all colours available. My neighbour gots hers today from a larger Tesco store in cardiff also today. All the smaller newsagents are sold out as was asda.

Hope that helps as it is a great bargain.
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