Glasgow Bargain Hunters : St Enochs TK Maxx Closing Down Sale (50%)

Glasgow Bargain Hunters : St Enochs TK Maxx Closing Down Sale (50%)

Found 20th Jan 2007
Attention Weegie Bargain Hunters, TK Maxx in St Enochs Centre is closing down on the 27th of January. As a result they are taking 50% off every item of stock in the store. As you can imagine it's chaos in there!

Basically the prices are normal but they take 50% off at the till.

Picked up a pair of Vans, supposed to be £29.99. Got them for 14.99 My girlfriend picked up 2 skirts for £7 and some shoes for £12.50. Plenty of bargains to be had!

This is instore only obviously and only the branch in St Enochs
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That's my weekend planned then :P
thanks will check out tomorow
Just be prepared for a long wait! They only had 3 cashiers today and it was about a 20min queue to buy the stuff.
Definition of hell: Sharing a queue with weegies for 50% discount on already-dicounted prices.

In fact, I reckon this is a ploy to get rid of every chav in Glasgow. Don't drink the water if they offer you some while you wait!
It could be! One well timed bomb and it'd halve the ned population in glasgow. Remember to take your bat down if your going to beat your way through the throngs.
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